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Puzzles needed for tactics trainer

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    homernh wrote:

    chessgm8, in puzzles 1,2, and 4, the correct move should be 4. Qg7#, not capturing the queen (although it's tempting) or going to h6 first. 

    Yeah, and they they should all have Qxg2+, Rg8+, and Rg1+ since they're all the same mate.  In fact, puzzle 1 is just the other 3 with the rook sac already made.  Maybe find a way to make the knight move the start of the puzzle.

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    you can make 4 puzzles out of this one:

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    You ned to make it much less predictable, look for the "obvious" check, Queen sac or both, 90% of the you're home free.  And make it where you either fail or solve, none of this for example, three of four moves quickly and gain points, do to plus percentage.

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    @kosakarika After 1...Nf2, White can avoid immediate mate by giving up (a lot of) material. There seems to be a more forcing solution:

    1...Qh4+ 2. g3 Nxg3 3. Qc2 Ne4+ (or 3...Nxh1+) 4. Kd1 Nf2+ 5. Ke1 Nd3+ 6. Kd1 Qe1#

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    Yes, I realised later there is a more forcing line.

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    I have a question that doesn't seem to be answered anywhere else. I'm not sure where to ask this, but here goes: How do I find the source game for a tactic? Posts from a few years ago seem to mention a "View Analysis and Source" button but I can't find that anywhere on my interface. I sometimes see people mentioning the source games, but would like to find them for myself without randomly combing databases. Thanks to anyone who can tackle this.

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    Analysis is in the top right of your screen. Sooume of them have a link to the source game, but not many.

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    How about this game from move 39: http://live.chess.com/live?v=2014073001#g=910824169

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