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    Years and years ago back when I was a slim and trim young fellow I loved to eat banana-splits and also banana-loaf cakes. Even today at my rather heavy weight ( my car seems to groan whenever I sit in it  lol ) I still like to buy some bananas now and then. However a problem has been brought forward in the news as there is some type of a fungus that has shown up on some of the banana trees and is starting to kill off these plants. Let us hope that a remedy is found for this problem as in many parts of the world bananas are an important part of people's diets.

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    cab: Great problem to have. Britain used to queue for oranges 60 years ago.we live in a strange world.

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    Scientists have pointed out for decades now that our reliance on one type of banana will bite us in the behind sooner or later, when a disease comes and wipes it out. But nobody listens until it's too late...

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