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Descriptive Chess Notation

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    [Comment deleted}

    Description of V2.01, now supplied with the download from:


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    Well, I hope you like the upgraded releases on:


    All code is upgraded, updated and licenced for the duration of 2015. Each of the three programs are huge, and I am a one man band, so check the version numbers on the site once in a while.  Especially if you find a flaw of some sort.  I will likely have also found it, and if not, the HELPs have my eMail, so I can fix it and eMail you an upgrade.  The same goes for questions.  I trust you will derive some benefit from my work.  Thanking you all for your interest.

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    Hopefully quite a few of the users of "Chess Translator & PGN Manager" are finding it usefull compiling their own special collection of PGN available on the internet.  They will have at their fingertips a database for creating collections of specific players, openings and opening categories, every conceivable combination of pieces including zero (pawn endings), and combinations of combinations (e.g. B vs N or NNBB vs QR), and even selections from all of the above (e.g. Akiba Rubinstein's endings with the major pieces alone can be selected with one setting, using OUTPUT PGN FILE MANAGEMENT OPTIONS).

    A Master whose style appeals may even be chosen, and an opening repertoire generated from that master's games with White or with Black pieces, detailing the choice of moves to be made, as far as that collection can reveal, with many useful parameters.  Some of the more sophisticated parameter selections are designed to demonstrate analysis of a particular position.

    Once you have your database compiled, the option MERGE, PURGE & EDIT GAMES of the CURRENT COMPILATION becomes very useful in refining it.  You will find many duplicate games or incorrect Player Names that the program could not identify without your help.  While quite serviceable in version 2.01, the standardisation and correction of Player Names is limited.  Wholesale measures are being developed to complete this shortcoming, using an array of Editing Funtion Keys and a concordance file and the corresponding data.  I will be testing these to determine the most effective set possible in practice, to be released as V. 2.02 when complete.

    Meanwhile, compile your electronic chess libraries, and play more and more fascinating chess with what you can learn with it.  The game truly becomes more fascinating with skill acquired.  Have fun, and thanks for your interest.  You have encouraged this, and made the task worthwhile.  It was far too much work just for my own use.

    (Then too, if you find some old chess classics in a second hand book shop, and you need to learn "descriptive notation", print out both translations of some compiled PGN games, and compare them.  That's probably an easier way to learn than anything else you might try.)

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