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    "Chess Translator & PGN Manager V1.42 i386-win32.zip" is flawed

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    Chess Translator & PGN Manager 1.43 (released 12/10/2014)

    The following items have been modified in this release

    - item 1 - Filters for the selection of games (parsing as well as writing to files) with matching roster elements are elaborated to include multiple roster template sequences without length limitation.   Facilities incorporated allow the AND, OR and NOT operations to be applied to members of these sequences, in a simple unnested format easily composed, interpreted, and saved with settings in a readable form in a DATABASE folder file "Filter.txt", or from Option 9 SHOW DATABASE STATUS...

    - item 2 - Some automatic roster item selections were not optimal in certain circumstances.

    - item 3 - Roster items found in the source but lacking tags are now ignored except for those with tagnames: 'Event', 'Site', 'Date', 'Round', 'White', 'Black', 'Result' & 'ECO'.   Optional roster items are generated as per settings, and this information is not lost.   Those that are generated are "Game", "ECO", "PlyCount", and "FIN". The "FEN" tag may be adjusted (as notified with the OUTPUT PGN MANAGEMENT MENU WRITE OPTION), so that positions are equal (same moves possible) if and only if FENs are equal. This is non-standard but likely shouldn't be, and causes no problems.

    - item 4 - 3 unlikely issues in MERGE, PURGE & EDIT prevented, including the AUTOMATIC handling of (mistakenly?) reversed player names in otherwise identical games, which resulted in solitaire chess games.

    - item 5 - Merge>Normalise>Replace only replaced one and quit, even if two were matching (unusual circumstance unforeseen).

    - ITEM 6 - FEN setups were not matched with known positions to identify opening ID's until after a move was made.

    - item 7 - All filtering and output PGN file generation is collapsed under MAIN MENU OPTION 8 OUTPUT PGN file MANAGEMENT OPTIONS, forming an integrated submenu for easier scrutiny and application.

    - item 8 - THE HELP DOCUMENTATION is brought up to date and elaborated, together with spontaneous INSTRUCTION associated with the SUBMENUS and other OPTIONS available throughout.

    - item 9 - Cosmetics and functionality are generally improved.

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