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Descriptive Chess Notation

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       Done & dusted - for now.   "Chess Translator and PGN Manager 1.05" is downloadable.
       "Mate (Checkmate, Superior Legal Mobility, or Stalemate) Search"
       at some future date.   I need a short sabbatical.
       What do we have?   Any number of PGN files can be compiled (memory permitting).   The compilation can be filtered by any number of Tagname - Tag pairs (inclusive OR).   It can be written out after changing Tagname filters to create different collections.   It can be written (but not compiled) using Opening and/or Endgame filters as well, to create different collections.   The output PGN's can be produced in various formats, Algebraic, Descriptive, Sorted Algebraic, Ordered Descriptive (sorting based on openings), and a concise sorted algebraic format for indexing to find any opening variation.   They can be written in Export Format or include an indexing Tagname - Tag pair such as [Game "11057"].
       A compilation can be composed, inspected, and/or edited from the keyboard, or using menus, with ease.   The inspection option
       "14 REMOVE duplicate games from CURRENT COMPILATION"
       is facilitated by a colour coding which identifies differences in game moves and rosters easily.   The facility also does much of the work.   Moves will quickly be seen to vary somewhat between sources of the same game.   Also, there are many helpful settings available.  For instance, the compiling of a game, and its translation in progress, can be viewed on a display board, at a reduced rate, or toggled into high speed (without the display) while in progress.   FEN positions are no problem.  And much more.
       As an interesting aside, the Endgames comprised in any particular game, are stored as a set.   By using N=13, B=15, R=20 and Q=39, all piece reductions (not pawns) create a unique value.   Considering P=4, the hierarchy given in Jose Capablanca's "Value of the Pieces" from "Chess Fundamentals" is automatically created, an assessment supported by Reuben Fine's "Basic Chess Endings" tome.   It is only upset by promotions yielding 3 of the same piece type, which is saved as such without further distinction.   Of course the peculiarities of the Pawn can render it worth more than a queen.   Also, the hierarchical values of positional anomalies (eg: Q & N, B vs N, etc) must be ignored here.
       There are some good PGN viewers downloadable, even for free, such as "Haundrix Chess".   It asks for a donation.   The single game PGN packs generated by the option
       accommodates its unique requirements.   I hope my keyboard driven program doesn't cause too much frustration before you master it.   You may eMail any complaints via the
       "18 HELP"
       option, offer ideas, or report bugs.   Thank you all for your interest.

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    Besides any reported bugs in due time, be aware that 1.05 does presently experience memory limitations around 2000 game compilations for normal PC's, best checked by recompiling the produced PGN.   A future refinement will relegate much storage to hard drive, practically eliminating this limitation.

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    Hi Folks.   Back from Scotland & Greece.   Trying to get my head around "Chess Translator & PGN Manager" once again.    It makes endgame study a breeze, so I've decided to include about 2010 openings.   These may be listed in several formats, turned into PGN files, or have their names included in PGN games as initial comments in the movetext.   The Openings will be identified by their final positions, so that transpositions will be no problem.   The ECO tag will be adjusted A00 to E99, but the names will include subvariants of these.   Whoever compiled the codes has had a mighty job.   They've made this easy for me.   CT&PM Version 1.14 is out soon.   I'm even including little diagrams in the PGN of the final game positions, and they will still recompile.   I'll give you all a cooey soon as it's done.   Seems this is the way chess study is going, and the games are already out there.

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    This is a sample from many possible formats (5x2x2x2x2) by CT&PM Version 1.14 (somewhat stripped of spaces to preserve formatting.   Only Courier New font will preserve spacing for the board position.):

    [Game "23"]                             #   #   #   #
    [Event "Birmingham sim"]      p   # n R r k p
    [Site "Birmingham"]                 # p #   # p #
    [Date "????.??.??"]                   #   # p #   # 
    [Round "?"]                              #   #   #   #
    [White "Morphy, Paul"]          # P #   # N # 
    [Black "Avery"]                      P # P #   # K P
    [Result "1/2-1/2"]                 #   #   #   # 
    [ECO "B21"]          
    [FIN "8/p2nRrkp/2p3p1/3p4/8/1P3N2/P1P3KP/8 w - - 11 34"]                     

    {Sicilian Defence, Smith-Morra Gambit}

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    Hi folks, there seems to be some interest in what is becoming a full-fledged PGN manager. Thank you for your interest. Version 1.15 is ready to download, and incorporates the capacity to identify ECO openings and sub-variants by name, from resultant board positions. This will be a taste of what is to come. V1.20 will be next, with the capacity to isolate 48 categories of ECO openings into separate packs, as with the endgames (plus associated enhancements). This will virtually be the computer equivalent of the OPENINGS and ENGAME index's (indices?) of the usual chess book. Refinements and testing will need to be completed. Forgive any current bugs for the moment. Feedback is welcome (see Help option).

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