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Unacceptable to start tournament games for me without informing in advance by arosbishop 2
37 min ago
вне политики
by AlexeyYashchenko
3 hrs ago
I was in prison for 4 years and i missed my free diamond membership by KATHLEEEN 4
3 hrs ago
Aborting for a reason by chamo2074 26
5 hrs ago
💡 Suggestion: do no interrupt ongoing games at the tournament deadline, to avoid bad behaviours by cla42 7
7 hrs ago
Global ranking with percentile by ReginaMills 3
14 hrs ago
Is blocked in Russia? by JuliyaSun 2
17 hrs ago
Saving puzzles for future study by olifan 10
19 hrs ago
IPhone app - Pieces move very slowly. Not fun to play by franziburli 4
1 day ago
Bug: on threefold repetition it says: "your time ran down", but gives draw by Altwertig 5
1 day ago
game lost when we us either aoo for more than 30 sex by vijayarajgopinath 2
1 day ago
Full Screen Focus Mode by PuzzleSolver 3
1 day ago
Playing computer in bullet, times disappear at the end of match by 1hrday 1
1 day ago
Most useless push notification: [your opponent] won by resignation by AnastasiaStyles 5
1 day ago
Puzzle Rush by Xydron37 9
2 days ago
Internet by JackOLantern07 3
2 days ago
Auto-move in forced situations by Drakodan 20
2 days ago
Suggestion: sort themes list puzzle by coconut_addict 3
2 days ago
I am seeing Ads! by dimondimka 8
2 days ago
Rematch in live is bug-ish by evert823 2
3 days ago