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Candidates Tournament - The Result!

  • SonofPearl
  • on 4/1/13, 11:12 AM.

Annotations by GM Sam Shankland

The 2013 Candidates Tournament will live long in the memory, and its conclusion was as unexpected as it was amazing! The two remaining contenders, Magnus Carlsen and Vladimir Kramnik both had to keep one eye on each other's games, with Vladimir Kramnik needing to score a better result than his Norwegian rival to win the tournament.

Today is April Fool's day, but this is no joke: Magnus Carlsen and Vladimir Kramnik both lost their final round games!  Incredibly, Vassily Ivanchuk gradually outplayed Vladimir Kramnik, and Magnus Carlsen went astray in rare (for him) time trouble to turn an equal position into a loss.

Carlsen was first to resign, but relatively safe in the knowledge that Kramnik was probably losing as well. What a finale!

Two rounds ago, it seemed that Vassily Ivanchuk had cost Magnus Carlsen victory in the tournament, but by beating Vladimir Kramnik in the final round, he ended up saving his skin!  Try to fit a conspiracy story around that...Wink

Magnus Carlsen at the start of his final round game



Peter Svidler's win gave him 3rd place in the tournament




Vladimir Kramnik came so close to winning the tournament



Vassily Ivanchuk is the toast of Norway after beating Kramnik!




2013 Candidates Tournament Final Standings

Name Fed Elo Pts
Magnus Carlsen NOR 2872
Vladimir Kramnik RUS 2810
Peter Svidler RUS 2747 8
Levon Aronian ARM 2809 8
Boris Gelfand ISR 2740
Alexander Grischuk RUS 2764
Vassily Ivanchuk UKR 2757 6
Teimour Radjabov AZE 2793 4


Lev Aronian completed Teimour Radjabov's miserable tournament by beating him after the Azerbaijani blundered in the endgame.

Lev Aronian ended the tournament with another win



Boris Gelfand and Alexander Grischuk finished their campaigns with a draw



The complete results of the 2013 Candidates

Round 1  15/03/13   
Levon Aronian ½ - ½ Magnus Carlsen
Boris Gelfand ½ - ½ Teimour Radjabov 
Vassily Ivanchuk  ½ - ½ Alexander Grischuk 
Peter Svidler  ½ - ½ Vladimir Kramnik
Round 2  16/03/13   
Magnus Carlsen ½ - ½ Vladimir Kramnik
Alexander Grischuk  ½ - ½ Peter Svidler 
Teimour Radjabov  1 - 0 Vassily Ivanchuk 
Levon Aronian 1 - 0 Boris Gelfand
Round 3  17/03/13   
Boris Gelfand 0 - 1 Magnus Carlsen
Vassily Ivanchuk  0 - 1 Levon Aronian
Peter Svidler  1 - 0 Teimour Radjabov 
Vladimir Kramnik ½ - ½ Alexander Grischuk 
Round 4  19/03/13   
Magnus Carlsen 1 - 0 Alexander Grischuk 
Teimour Radjabov  ½ - ½ Vladimir Kramnik
Levon Aronian ½ - ½ Peter Svidler 
Boris Gelfand ½ - ½ Vassily Ivanchuk 
Round 5  20/03/13   
Vassily Ivanchuk  ½ - ½ Magnus Carlsen
Peter Svidler  ½ - ½ Boris Gelfand
Vladimir Kramnik ½ - ½ Levon Aronian
Alexander Grischuk  ½ - ½ Teimour Radjabov 
Round 6  21/03/13   
Peter Svidler  0 - 1 Magnus Carlsen
Vladimir Kramnik ½ - ½ Vassily Ivanchuk 
Alexander Grischuk  ½ - ½ Boris Gelfand
Teimour Radjabov  0 - 1 Levon Aronian
Round 7  23/03/13   
Magnus Carlsen ½ - ½ Teimour Radjabov 
Levon Aronian ½ - ½ Alexander Grischuk 
Boris Gelfand ½ - ½ Vladimir Kramnik
Vassily Ivanchuk  ½ - ½ Peter Svidler 
Round 8  24/03/13  
Magnus Carlsen ½ - ½ Levon Aronian
Teimour Radjabov  0 - 1 Boris Gelfand
Alexander Grischuk  1 - 0 Vassily Ivanchuk 
Vladimir Kramnik 1 - 0 Peter Svidler 
Round 9  25/03/13  
Vladimir Kramnik ½ - ½ Magnus Carlsen
Peter Svidler  ½ - ½ Alexander Grischuk 
Vassily Ivanchuk  1 - 0 Teimour Radjabov 
Boris Gelfand 1 - 0 Levon Aronian
Round 10  27/03/13  
Magnus Carlsen 1 - 0 Boris Gelfand
Levon Aronian 1 - 0 Vassily Ivanchuk 
Teimour Radjabov  ½ - ½ Peter Svidler 
Alexander Grischuk  0 - 1 Vladimir Kramnik
Round 11  28/03/13  
Alexander Grischuk  ½ - ½ Magnus Carlsen
Vladimir Kramnik 1 - 0 Teimour Radjabov 
Peter Svidler  1 - 0 Levon Aronian
Vassily Ivanchuk  ½ - ½ Boris Gelfand
Round 12  29/03/13  
Magnus Carlsen 0 - 1 Vassily Ivanchuk 
Boris Gelfand ½ - ½ Peter Svidler 
Levon Aronian 0 - 1 Vladimir Kramnik
Teimour Radjabov  ½ - ½ Alexander Grischuk 
Round 13  31/03/13  
Teimour Radjabov  0 - 1 Magnus Carlsen
Alexander Grischuk  ½ - ½ Levon Aronian
Vladimir Kramnik ½ - ½ Boris Gelfand
Peter Svidler  1 - 0 Vassily Ivanchuk 
Round 14  01/04/13
Magnus Carlsen 0 - 1 Peter Svidler 
Vassily Ivanchuk  1 - 0 Vladimir Kramnik
Boris Gelfand ½ - ½ Alexander Grischuk 
Levon Aronian 1 - 0 Teimour Radjabov 


See you for the world championship in October/November: Magnus Carlsen versus Vishy Anand!


The winner, and world championship challenger, Magnus Carlsen


Photos by Ray Morris-Hill.

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  • 17 months ago


    I actually don't understand why the tie break score should favour Carlsen, I mean he did win more with black, but he also drew more with white, plus he lost more games than Kramnik. Anyway, it just seems to me that the player with the least number of losses should have the superiour tie break score.

  • 17 months ago


    Be objective, guys! Let's see hard facts: Carlsen got 8.5 with 5 victories, Kramnik got 8.5 with 4 victories, Ivanchuk only got 6, Gelfand only got 6.5. And, keep the whole rules in your mind!  Conclusion: Like or dislike, CARLSEN IS THE WINNER! About the future (Carlsen v.s. Anand), who knows? Just hope: FUTURE IS FOR YOUNG GENERATION!

  • 17 months ago


    I voted for Ivanchuk to win and he came up 2 and a half games out. Not really bad overall. He was the upset "HERO" of the tournament and made the tournament very special...Carlsen should give Ivanchuk a parade and gifts in Norway. Time problems cost Ivanchuk dearly, that's because he was in deep thought mode. It happens to the best of us and Carlsen as well. Well there you have it folks...Ivanchuk is Carlsen's savior for the rest of his life.Cool You go Ivanchuk.Tongue Out

  • 17 months ago


    He should get Gelfand as second. He pushed Anand to the limit,but Chucky would sure help with his openings too. Go Carlsen!

  • 17 months ago


    Chucky will probably get the next Nobel peace price!

  • 17 months ago


    CHUK saved Carlsen!!!!!

  • 17 months ago


    Ivanchuk the noble

    Ivanchuk the destroyer

    Ivanchuk the barbarian

    Ivanchuk the extraordinary

    Ivanchuk the excentric

    What he did on this tournament,is going into chess hystory books!!For me,he is the winner of the tournament and time will deside who he really is and what is he capable off!!What i saw against Carlsen and Kramnik is the play of the chess world champion!Yes,he lost on time and blablabla,but i sad before that he doesn,t care how he loses-on time or resigning,it doesn,t matter for him.He is different than other chess players.Behaving strangelly,talking with himself,looking deep into the space,freaky,remainds me of Bobby Fisher somehow.But he can beat each and everyone if he decides that!

    I will remember this tournament for a long time because of him and at the end i want to say this:

    Carlsen,s destiny was Ivanchuk and new chess star is very close to become new chess world champion!

  • 17 months ago


    breaking news........

    a. Norway bestows honorary citizenship to Vasilly Ivanchuk.

    b. Magnus Carlsen appoints Ivanchuk as his second against Vishy Anand...

    that completes the conspiracy theory; the match-fixing; and the April Fools day episodes... in between some great CHESS!!

  • 17 months ago


    i would love to hear Anands thoughts... especially on how he feels about his new challanger.


    Congrats Carlsen!!!

  • 17 months ago


    why did Kramnik resign? i don't really get it.

  • 17 months ago


    The pressure got to the leaders, but who can blame them?

  • 17 months ago


    That is all for now, my friends...
  • 17 months ago


    Great tournament! Great field! Great result! Great drama! Great coverage!

  • 17 months ago


    Svidler played great throughout. And Chucky woke up at the end finally! He plays such creative chess.

  • 17 months ago


    Thank you God! Chess is still alive. Congratulations to great Magnus Carlsen, my true apologies to Mr. Ivanchuk. I hope Carlsen will go all the way, he definitively deserves it.

  • 17 months ago


    someone said ivanchuck should be the contender( I agree) some said that ivanchuck's worst enemy is ivanchuck himself( I agree) someone said what a final round ( I agree) and my last comment is a big (WOW).

  • 17 months ago


    What an incredible tournament and ride...Congrats to Magnus on the win and become the next challenger at age 22 and highest ELO of all time...No doubt such rare & magnificient achievement...Can't wait for the championship match...Is it the greatest and strongest of all time championship?...Very exciting for all chess fans...It will be the "Mighty Young Genius" of Norway vs the "Great Old Sage" of India...:))

  • 17 months ago


    I like Ivanchuk's reactions during the games Laughing

  • 17 months ago


    Carlsen and Kramnik will never look at Ivanchuk the same way again.

  • 17 months ago


    A great tournament. Well done Carlsen. 

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