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Radical Chess Coverage Plans Revealed

  • SonofPearl
  • on 4/1/13, 3:09 AM.

phpbHMzRl.jpegWith the 2013 Candidates Tournament reaching its conclusion in London today, the full extent of future plans for coverage of major events in the World Chess Championship cycle have been revealed.

The organisational rights for the World Chess Championship and associated qualifying events belong to AGON, headed by technology entrepreneur Andrew Paulson.

The "Chesscasting" system used in the coverage of the London Candidates Tournament is just the start of a raft of new ideas to modernise the coverage of chess to appeal to a broader audience.

The Chesscasting metrics used during the Candidates have simply been derived from the computer engine's evaluation of the position, into these factors:

  • Material
  • King Safety
  • Pawn Structure
  • Mobility

London Candidates coverage showing the position evaluation broken down into factors



However, in future events, the players will be wired up to take biometric measurements as well.  These should include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Skin Resistivity (sweating)

Ultimately the plan is to track eye movements as well, so the audience can tell where the players are looking!  Chesscasting's motto is "making the invisible, visible".  They're not kidding!

Of course, the organisers will need the approval of the players concerned for this sort of testing, and some may not be happy to have their vital functions measured during a game. So whether such biometric testing becomes a standard part of the internet coverage remains to be seen.


Andrew Paulson photo by Ray Morris-Hill.

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  • 23 months ago


    Blood pressure and pulse is interesting, but i don't think all players are going to agree...

  • 23 months ago


    pl ease! get rid of those red "black" pieces. all those other apps. are great but i'm going blind wathing the broadcast.todays games should be crazy as kramnik must win against chukyand carlsen then would have to win his game against svindler and still my lose on tiebreaks!

  • 23 months ago


    I think you forgot to include Brain Mapping (lighted up)...different color light flashes for different types of ideas!! it will be a rainbow of thoughts  for people to see!

  • 23 months ago


    This is not the April Fool's joke, because these things:

    • Blood Pressure
    • Pulse
    • Skin Resistivity (sweating)

    have been mentioned before by Agon.

  • 23 months ago


    This is such a good idea.  I would watch the he|| out of some biometric robocop chess.

  • 23 months ago


    Might methane emissions matter?

  • 23 months ago


    Lol you cant wire the mind anyways!!

  • 23 months ago


    Excellent spoof. The best April Fool's jokes are the ones that are almost plausible, and this Andrew Paulson chap does look a bit like a villain out of a James Bond movie.

  • 23 months ago


    How about urine tests as well? Happy April's Fool Day ...

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