2021 New Years Tournament

2021 New Years Tournament

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Does anyone really care what goes on in Times Square?  Is anyone getting excited about the Couch Potato Drop?  Come on, start your New Years off right.  We have some real chess on tap for you!  On Saturday, join us for a 4SS G/30+5 classic battle. 

Happy New Year Everyone! 2021 is going to be a whole lot better! 

10am until around 2:30pm Boise time, January 2 


  • No chess engines
  • No open tabs in your browser except for the tournament and Zoom
  • No drawing arrows or highlighting squares
  • No other electronic devices - no headphones, no phones, no Nintendos, etc
  • You must be on Zoom during your games 
  • You must share your screen on Zoom
  • No inappropriate language in chat
  • No inappropriate usernames
  • No misrepresentation of one's identity
  • No sandbagging
  • No bullying
  • Possible violations are to be reported to the TDs (Adam & Jef) in a confidential manner and must be not be discussed with anyone else.  Spreading rumors is a form of bullying.
  • This list is not exhaustive
  • To summarize:  We want everyone to simply play chess fairly, have a good time and take part in the wonderful Idaho chess community we're so lucky to have.  Think of it like camping - Leave it better than when you arrived!


Registration and Info      or   

Zoom Meeting    (this is same meeting we always use)

New Years Tournament on 

Jef can be reached at (208)488-0676 or at TofuNightmare on


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