Announcing's Blog of the Month Contest
Want your blog to be headlined? Enter our blog of the month contest!

Announcing's Blog of the Month Contest

| 19

Hello top bloggers! We are pleased to announce a new monthly contest: Blog of the Month.

Here's how you enter:

  1. Write a blog on
  2. Tweet it @chesscom and use #chesscommunity. (no longer required, but highly suggested!)
  3. Done!

Each month we will select a winning blog which will receive at least six hours of front page headline time. The winner will also receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Strong submissions will be retweeted throughout the month from the Twitter account.


What does a winning blog look like? Obviously the most important thing is to have good content in the blog; that's no problem as you are already top bloggers! It's also important to have a good thumbnail and title: the two things which users will see when they decide whether to click and read on

We will also post soon about some best practices and style suggestions. It's helpful if your blog follows the format we use in our articles and news.

Here are some helpful suggestions from our editor, Pete.

Good luck!

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