Announcing Untitled Tuesday

Announcing Untitled Tuesday

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One of's best-kept secrets is out: Untitled Tuesday exists.

Avid chess fans might know Titled Tuesday as the weekly tournament dominated by some of the biggest stars in the game: GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Magnus Carlsen, and other super-grandmasters all frequently take part in this weekly contest.

What most people don't know is that there is also a version specifically for untitled players, privately organized by @MGleason and a team of hard-working community volunteers. 

Historically, this event has taken place in the Untitled Tuesday Club, but that's all about to change! We're happy to welcome Untitled Tuesday to our weekly community event line-up, meaning that any member of the club can take part.

There are only two requirements to participate:

The above criteria are implemented to discourage cheating and other fair play violations. However, please note that these events also feature rigorous fair play checks to ensure cheaters are caught and banned from

The event is a 3|1 Swiss Tournament, taking place at the exact same time as the regular Titled Tuesday events. This initiative is a great way for non-titled players to test their skills and get experience in competitive online tournaments. Just like the titled version, there will be 'Early' and 'Late' events to cover most time zones, so you can participate no matter where you are in the world.


Everyone who plays in the tournament has the opportunity to submit one move to compete for the Best Move Of The Month Award. The winner is chosen monthly and receives a free 3 month Diamond membership! The submission process is as follows:

  • Every month we will create a forum post in the Community Club for submissions.
  • You have to share your best move with a game link.
  • Then the rest of the community votes on the best move, which will win the prize.
  • You can only submit one move per event (two per day, if you play both the Early and Late editions)
  • Note that can overturn the result at our own discretion. 

Additionally, if you connect your account to your Twitch account and stream it, you're eligible to win the Top Streamer prize of 5 subs. 

The first events will take place next Tuesday, July 18, at 8AM and 2PM PT. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Note: Titled players are not eligible for prizes in this event! Sub gifts require Twitch Affiliate status, so if you’re streaming on Kick, the same requirements apply

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