Banana Galaxy

١٬٠١٣ عضو
٤٢٢ فعالية لُعبت

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No club is perfect--or at least, I doubt that there is a perfect club out there that exists. But you know what? This club is working hard every single day... to strive to be at its best. Our dream is to be one of the most friendly and fun communities on In order to achieve this dream, we need your help- and you can help us out by clicking that green 'Join' button. We have a ton of fun events and games, but I'm sure you're thinking "that's what all clubs say", well we value each member for who they are not in how they contributed to the member count! So, we hate to be that kind of club, but it'd be really nice if you joined, because I'm sure everyone can find a way to contribute to this amazing community.

~With love, Banana Galaxy~

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Hydrahta was here
banana was here too lol
hey I was here first
and i was here second
Zoe was here XD

Dima/cherry was here too XD : )
why are you guys looking at the descrip xd -banana

cuz we are - Hydrahta

becoz we can hahaha XD-cherry/Dima: )

Fr - Cocoa 
lol okkiee -banana 

Mattew was here uwu

ohhh hiiii mattew (cherry) : )

Audrey was here… ; )

so was brook 

and mattew again hehe

and cocoa butt

plus Audrey again lol


haiii ~ Cocoa Butt 
hey y'all itz banaba

hey y'all  I don't care

Omg who wrote that

Its true fr though

wow this is like another chat lol

banana = random emo gurl 

guys shush it's public description it's supposed to be good ;-; (Mattew)


Lol this conversation escalated quickly… ~Alv

Yaurr -cocoa butt

Yea.... hey again! lol ~alv

Heya Y all ~ Cocoa Butt 


Yum... ~alv

lol ~ cb 

still here 

wtf is this desc - knight

i forgot bout thisssss - tree doer