2013 Sinquefield Cup

2013 Sinquefield Cup‎

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Nothing draws a great crowd like great competition. And nothing draws great competition like a large purse. 2013's version of the Sinquefield Cup was no exception. As each round produced such great excitement, we had to bring the games to life with this amazing video series. 

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2013 Sinquefield Cup Round 1: Part 1 How strong do you like your tournaments? How does an average rating of 2793 sound? The inaugural Sinquefield Cup was held in St. Louis, USA this September, and IM Danny Rensch and GM Melik Khachiyan deliver the action. Khachiyan used to coach one of the players, and you can probably guess which one. Watch Carlsen, Aronian, Nakamura and Kamsky play the opening round of this historic tournament, the strongest ever on American soil.

2013 Sinquefield Cup Round 1: Part 2 The conclusion to the opening round games of the 2013 Sinquefield Cup. Two winners emerged from the pair of games, but in two very different ways. One was the conclusion to a positional grind, while the other featured an unlikely blunder. Who got off to a quick start?

2013 Sinquefield Cup Round 4: Part 1 GM Hikaru Nakamura led the first Sinquefield Cup at the halfway point, but GM Magnus Carlsen was not far behind. GM Levon Aronian and GM Gata Kamsky were hoping that the baseball game they took in on the day off would allow them to hit a home run in the second half. Watch and see the opening to round four! 

2013 Sinquefield Cup Round 4: Part 2 Watch the broadcast of round four of the strongest chess tournament ever! Hosts FM Kostya Kavutskiy and GM Melik Khachiyan show the finish to two tense games. Could Nakamura hold the worse endgame against Aronian? Could Kamsky avoid yet another loss? Would Nakamura be able to retain his tournament lead over Carlsen? The round was crucial to the final outcome and to the $70,000 first prize! 

2013 Sinquefield Cup Round 5: Part 1 What do you get when you mix an FM, a GM, and four of the top players in the world? You get the Sinquefield Cup, the highest-rated tournament in history, brought to you by FM Kostya Kavutskiy and GM Dejan Bojkov. In this penultimate round, GM Nakamura tries to beat GM Carlsen for the first time ever, and thus retake the tournament lead. GM Kamsky seeks his first win of the event, and GM Aronian must defend the h-file pressure. Watch the opening moves to the round! 

2013 Sinquefield Cup Round 5: Part 2 Part two of round five of the inaugural Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis. The middlegame is beginning to take shape, and both Americans are the ones pressing. With either be able to break through or will the internationals be able to fight back the pressure?

2013 Sinquefield Cup Round 5: Part 3 Watch the conclusion of round five of the Sinquefield Cup from the Chess.com/TV broadcast. Could the Americans get a 2-0 result against the top two players in the world? Who would go into the final round with the best chance to win the top prize of $70,000? 

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