2013 World Championship Morning-After Show

2013 World Championship Morning-After Show‎

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Some instant classics from the 2013 World Championship are too good to pass up. Watch as GM Ben Finegold and IM Danny Rensch break down each round and the missed opportunities from the best of the best. It's never too late revisit this series as its educational value the timeless. 

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2013 World Championship Morning After Show: Game 1 Rensch and Finegold wanted to bring two hours of post-game analysis to game one, but game one itself took 90 minutes! Still, they break down the first battle of 12 and show how Anand easily neutralized Carlsen as Black. Want to know why both players agreed to the repetition? Watch and hear their opinion. 

2013 World Championship Morning After Show: Game 2 Game two was marginally more exciting that game one, but again the champ could have made things more exciting. Finegold and Rensch look at Anand's first crack at the white pieces, and Carlsen's rare decision to play the Caro-Kann. The big moment comes when Anand could have gone for the throat with Qg4 instead of trading. What did he miss? Watch and find out!


2013 World Championship Morning After Show: Game 3 The twists and turns of game three, the most exciting of the match so far, are scrutinized and analyzed by Finegold and Rensch. Did Anand play too cautiously with the advantage? Why didn't he take on b2? And what in the world was Carlsen's queen doing on h1? Watch as they dissect the most fighting draw so far in the world championship match.


2013 World Championship Morning After Show: Game 4 Finegold and Rensch go in-depth into round four of the 2013 FIDE World Championship. Joined by on-site reporter Peter Doggers, they try to ascertain where Anand went wrong and if Carlsen missed a win. Oh yeah, there's also that issue with Kasparov and how he was received in Chennai. Watch and see the chess action! 


2013 World Championship Morning After Show: Game 5 Finally! After two listless draws and two full-blooded draws, Carlsen broke through in game five. That means Finegold and Rensch are even more full of vigor in their breakdown of the game. Could Anand have held? And if so, what did he miss? 


2013 World Championship Morning After Show: Game 6 In round four, Anand struggled to draw as White against the Berlin. In round six, he couldn't even manage that as Carlsen showed great ingenuity in what looked like a drawn rook-and-pawn ending. Where could the champ have saved the game? What caused him to play such a basic setup this time around? What are his chances going forward?


2013 World Championship Morning After Show: Game 7 After two exciting endgames, it is back to the doldrums of the opening rounds, but Rensch and Finegold try to learn all they can from game seven. Why did Anand go back into yet another Berlin? Could he have tried for a center-pawn break earlier? Watch and see how the hosts think the remaining five games will shape up. 


2013 World Championship Morning After Show: Game 8 We can't put lipstick on a pig—Round eight was as lifeless as rounds one, two and seven. Nevertheless, Finegold and Rensch do reveal a few subtleties about the game that you may have missed.


2013 World Championship Morning After Show: Game 9 After the most exciting match in the world championship, Finegold and Rensch break down how Magnus Carlsen somehow avoided getting mated (hint: getting two queens helps!). White's best chance may have been to play exactly as he did without exchanging a pair of rooks. Would that have been enough to give Viswanathan Anand his first win of the match? Watch and make your own determination. 


2013 World Championship Morning After Show: Game 10  

The final game of the historic is broken down in minute detail by Rensch and Finegold. You'll learn how the second-youngest world champion finished off his title. Amidst the speculation about whom Magnus Carlsen is dating, you might even learn something about knight endgames along the way. It's high art and celebrity gossip at Chess.com!

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