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64 King and Pawn Concepts

I have created the following table (an endgame"learning board") I share with my students and for chess.com users to take advantage of. Please mentally scan the positions and then leave a comment saying your rating and how many positions that you know "cold". This is a follow up to my roadmap http://www.chess.com/article/view/0---2000-a-roadmap-of-chess-knowledge article where I laid out a knowledge by rating list.

To make sense of the positions assume that that the pawn is a center pawn unless you can see a board edge in the fragment. Also keep an eye on the top of the fragment to see if there is a dark boarder for the edge of the chessboard.

  Below each diagram there is a  evaluation indicating the result depending on which player is to move; essentially each fragment is two problems, white to play/black to play.

Please mentally scan the positions and take note of how many positions/concepts you know "cold" and then post the number along with your rating in the comments to this thread.


 This list of positions is by no means comprehensive for even intermediate to advanced king and pawn (not even close!) knowledge. But I do think it is a respectable cross section of the knowledge base from novice to "mastery" of this all important phase of the game. I look forward to hearing from you all on this self survey of king and pawn.

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I have added new features to my education package (tailored PGN homework, custom Opening files and "over the shoulder" tactics/endgame training).

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