5 Reasons Chess Is Better Than Pokémon Go

5 Reasons Chess Is Better Than Pokémon Go

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Pokémon Go is the fastest-growing smartphone game in history, and it's been dominating the news since its launch in July, at least in the gaming world.

But is it a better game than chess? We don't think so.

While both games have their fans, here are five reasons why chess is better than Pokémon Go. 

1. You rarely have to catch a chess piece to use it.

While the various Pokémon must be located in the real world and then captured by tossing Poké Balls at them, chess conveniently starts you off with a full set of pieces.

Image via Pinterest. 

While you can capture your opponent's pieces in chess, you don't need to take a rook to use a rook — unless you're playing crazyhouse, of course, which is now available in live chess on the new

2. There is much less risk of injury while playing chess.

Please don't Pokémon and drive. 

Just take a look at the news. Pokémon Go players have walked off a cliff, crashed a car into a treebeen mugged, or gotten into a "Pokémon brawl," whatever that is — All while playing the game.

Image via KTNV.

Chess is much safer. Over the board, you might have to worry about dropping a heavy piece on your hand. In online chess, the worst that can happen is maybe a sore wrist from too much bullet chess.

3. You don't have to exercise or go outside to play chess.

Pokémon Go requires players to wander about in unfamiliar terrain, with only the so-called "augmented reality" in-app viewfinder to guide them in an often cruel and uncaring world.

The first player to "catch them all" had to walk eight miles per day for weeks, and he even had to venture into New Jersey to catch his last few Pokémon

Chess, meanwhile, can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home, away from the overwhelming hustle and bustle of "outside" and safely shielded from the harsh rays of earth's sun.

Unless you're playing giant bullet chess. 

And on the off chance you do feel like playing chess on the go, we have Android and iOS apps, too. 

4. There's a decent chance people will still play chess in six months.

Modern chess is 1,500 years old, and the earliest record of the game dates back to the sixth century. It's a good bet that you'll be able to find a chess opponent for as long as you live.

On the other hand, smartphone app fads come and go. Anyone up for a nice game of Flappy Bird?

5. Chess doesn't have in-app purchases.

Money saved by not buying costly Poké Balls can be redeemed for a valuable and rewarding upgrade to your membership.

Do you like chess better than Pokémon Go?  

Let us know why in the comments. 

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