7 Players Who Might Win Thursday's Crazyhouse Championship
Who are the favorites in's Crazyhouse Championship?

7 Players Who Might Win Thursday's Crazyhouse Championship

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The Crazyhouse Championship (a 15-round 3|0 swiss event with 100 qualifying invitees) is this Thursday at 10 a.m. Pacific. Don't miss the live show with IM Danny Rensch and one of the game's great commentators and crazyhouse players, GM Yasser Seirawan, on

To whet your appetite, here's the rundown on some of the players to watch on Thursday.

1. JannLee

One of the very best crazyhouse players on the planet, a huge promoter of the game via his streaming, and victor in's first crazyhouse championship: Jann Lee (AKA Justin Tan) is a big favorite in a swiss format.

Here he is handily winning a qualifier to secure his championship slot.

Watch Qualifier 3 from jannleecrazyhouse on

2. These crazyhouse specialists: chickencrossroad, xuanetcrazyhouse, mastertancrazyhouseSchoolmeester

FM Dan Yeager (chickencrossroad) was also a victor with Justin Tan in the first crazyhouse championship while all of these players are renowned for their crazyhouse prowess online and are among the highest-rated ZH players on

3. helmsknight

Popular streamer helmsknight is a regular in online crazyhouse and bughouse circles, and an elite competitor, consistently ranked at the top in these variants.

Despite hosting an excellent Twitch channel and streaming gameplay, helmsknight seems to have retained her anonymity online. This author has no idea who she is. She admits to being far better at crazyhouse and bughouse than regular chess.

Watch Playing in the ZH Qualifier on from helmsknight on

4. GM Andrew Tang

America's newest grandmaster finished in shared fifth place in the inaugural crazyhouse championship. He's back this year, and with a little extra experience under his belt, it seems likely he could improve his placing.

Tang is renowned for his speed chess skills, which are on full display here against Hikaru Nakamura.

Watch Match vs Nakamura from penguingm1 on

5. Firouzja2003

IM Alireza Firouzja may not be a crazyhouse specialist, but he's an elite chess talent who at 14 is already rated over 2650 in FIDE biltz. It will be exciting to watch this gifted youngster battling the best crazyhouse players in the world.

Here he is playing one of the greatest speed chess players: Hikaru Nakamura.

6. GM-elect Aman Hambleton

The Chessbrahs are underdogs in this format, but you know they will always will be fun to watch! Check out GM-elect Aman Hambleton's qualification run.

Watch Crazyhouse Qualifier with Aman from chessbrah on

7. ya_boy_Agent

A 14-year-old candidate master who streams chess? What's not to love! Agent JL is another longshot in this format, but be sure to check out his streams for his energy and enthusiasm!

Watch Arena Kings Tournament on from Agent_JL_Chess on

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