7 Reasons Pogchamps 2 Could Be Even Better
Why will you be watching Pogchamps 2?

7 Reasons Pogchamps 2 Could Be Even Better

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Pogchamps was a massive chess spectacle, possibly the most-watched chess event since Fischer vs. Spassky and Kasparov vs. Deep Blue. is continuing the fun and the drama with Pogchamps 2, beginning on August 21st. Watch it all on

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The original Pogchamps was entertainment gold with a great format bringing together 16 incredible streamers. With Pogchamps 2, we've retained everything that made the original great and made multiple improvements to incorporate fan feedback. Here are seven reasons that Pogchamps 2 could be even bigger than Pogchamps 1!

1. Better format.

The format for Pogchamps was a huge success, giving every streamer a chance to battle other players on their level. For the most part, we have kept the same overall format from the original Poghamps with a group stage and a knockout stage. We have, however, made two tweaks that we think will add to the fun:

  1. All matches are now two games. In the original Pogchamps, the group stage featured a single round-robin. In Pogchamps 2, the group stage will have a double round-robin in which each player will play a game with white and black against each opponent in their group. This guarantees more games and ensures that the players have more chances to show their skills since a match won't be decided by a single error.
  2. The group stage now has armageddon, and the knockout tiebreaks now have increment. The faster player is no longer guaranteed to win if the game goes to tiebreaks. No doubt Hutch would like another crack at Voyboy in the Pogchamps 2 format!
Pogchamps 2 format
The Pogchamps 2 format.

2. Movie star takes on streamers.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, the "Mountain" from Game of Thrones, is a certified movie star, World's strongest man, and soon to be boxing star. His opponents can take solace in the fact that they will play on a digital board and won't have to deal with Hafthor's impressive form intimidating them from across a physical board, but Hafthor's mental skills are still much to be feared, and he may be a favorite to watch!

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson chess pogchamps
A mountain holding a rock.

3. xQc and Forsen redemption arcs!

xQc and Forsen were two of the most popular streamers in Pogchamps, but they arguably didn't get a chance to show their very best stuff. Certainly, xQc has one particular move that he would like back. In Pogchamps 2, they have more experience and will get a chance to shine once again. Will Forsen show off his "God Gamer" skills and win Pogchamps 2? Will xQc qualify for the championship bracket?

xqc pogchamps chess
Will xQc qualify for the championship bracket this time?

4. Even less predictable with League's bad boys.

MoistCr1tikal and SlikeR were fan favorites in the original Pogchamps; the audience never knew what they would say or what would be throbbing.

Pogchamps 2 also brings plenty of unpredictable content kings to the competition with TFBlade and IWillDominate; both stars who have been controversially banned from the League Partner Program. Mizkif is another streamer who is famed for his comedy and timing. Whatever happens on the board, he will always be fun to watch. Can he deliver the comedic moments that Ludwig did in Pogchamps 1?

5. Strategy stars tackle chess.

Pogchamps 1 featured many incredible gamers, some of the very best players in the world, but none specialized in strategy games that were analogous to chess. In Pogchamps 2, stars itshafu and easywithaces are some of the best Hearthstone and poker players in the world. These games are known to have similar strategy elements to chess and are extremely popular games among many grandmasters. It will be interesting to see if their skill in the strategy domain carries over to chess!

itshafe pogchamps chess
itshafu has been try-harding with some serious prep!

6. Romance is in the air.

Many may know that QTCinderella is a non-platonic roommate with Ludwig (who is returning as a commentator in Pogchamps 2).

The greatest threat to their relationship may come from another Pogchamps competitor. CallMeCarson has long drawn Ludwig's attentions. Who he will root for if Carson plays QT is anyone's guess.

Another couple who may find themselves at odds in Pogchamps 2 is itshafu and dogdog. The two celebrated their engagement at the end of an incredible 2019, and while 2020 has been a universal step back, we hope it holds some great highlights for the couple with mutual success in Pogchamps.

7. You Can Play Pogchamps Fantasy!

Want to participate in Pogchamps? Try Pogchamps fantasy! Fill in your bracket and win prizes, and let us know below who you picked and why for your comment to possibly be shown on stream or during a broadcast!

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