Begins Today: Win Cash Prizes With The Pogchamps Fantasy Game

Begins Today: Win Cash Prizes With The Pogchamps Fantasy Game

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This Friday marks the beginning of the newest edition of Pogchamps, and now you can play alongside your favorite streamers and build a team of streaming superstars with's Pogchamps Fantasy Contest! is offering over $1,000 in cash prizes in addition to diamond memberships, with $500 going to the fantasy game winner.

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Submission are due by Friday, August 21 at 1 p.m. Pacific Time (22:00 Central European Time) so don't wait to get your team drafted and be sure to tune in starting right after that deadline for's opening coverage of Pogchamps. Each day's games begin at 1 p.m. Pacific Time (22:00 Central European Time) on, where top content creators like xQc, Forsen, Mizkif, AustinShow, Itshafu, and many more will battle it out for streamer supremacy.

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The commentary can be followed on during each round. You can follow the games live on our dedicated page on Find all the information about Pogchamps in our info article.'s Pogchamps Fantasy Contest

This year's free fantasy contest promises to be one of the most chaotic, exciting fantasy formats ever introduced, as participants must weigh multiple factors in their submissions while managing a tight budget. Each participant will start with 100 fantasy dollars to spend on four Pogchamps players who will form that participant's fantasy team.

The fantasy team's combined scores will determine each participant's final score. But there's a twist, points are based on their final finishing place within the bracket, with the winner and runner-up in the Consolation Bracket earning you more points than the quarterfinalists and semifinalists from the Championship Bracket. In addition, there are bonus points awarded to both the first and last place finishers within each group! As a tiebreaker, each player will submit the player who blunders their queen first, as well as their guess on who will win the consolation bracket, with the highest level of accuracy providing the best tiebreak score for each tiebreaker.

The overall winner will take home a $500 first-place prize, while second place will win $250, third will win $150 while fourth takes home $100. In addition, one random participant will take home a $100 prize, while finishers 4-10 will receive three free months of diamond membership with places 11-20 taking home one-month diamond memberships. Fill out the form below to enter the contest. Please note that each member is limited to one entry, and members with multiple submissions will be disqualified.

Non-premium members are eligible to win premium memberships. While finishing-place cash prizes are open to all submissions, the $100 random entry prize is only eligible for premium members who have gone premium on or before August 21, 2020.

Final Standings

# Username Prize
1 alessiopcc $500
2 lucasmdx $200
2 BoguBogu $200
4 yuvalater10 $33
4 tretyou $33
4 puzzleboxxed $33
7 Dark_Knight_DK14 1 Yr Diamond
7 ximanon 1 Yr Diamond
7 craftlara14 1 Yr Diamond
7 Waltmatute 1 Yr Diamond
11 patrikk1 1 Month Diamond
11 GMSimonChess 1 Month Diamond
11 Aw3someAadi 1 Month Diamond
11 ethanburroughs 1 Month Diamond
11 Khronoboost 1 Month Diamond
11 impulse_101 1 Month Diamond
11 MrRyden 1 Month Diamond
11 metsandcavs 1 Month Diamond
11 AlexBotezGambit 1 Month Diamond
11 ButterSalami 1 Month Diamond
11 marcmigge 1 Month Diamond
R emperorggg $100

Now's your chance to join in on the drama and fun! Draft your fantasy team and play Guess The Move every round while you catch all the action at!

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