Amateur Game Review

Amateur Game Review

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Kudos to the brave members who contributed their games to this series. This time we're analyzing submissions from amateurs looking to take that next step. Sometimes we need a second pair of eyes to break down our mistakes and explore areas of improvement. 

Watch IM Daniel Rensch's amateurs game reviews for more principles you can apply to your own game.

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Amateur Game Review: Chess Crimes 1 Rensch kicks off his new series. Analyzing the games of lower-rated players, he seeks to provide useful advice that you can apply to your own chess game and studies. There is a focus on proper psychology with the introduction of mental discipline. He also provides some good chess lessons about playing the opening.

Amateur Game Review: Chess Crimes 2 Rensch brings you a second installment of chess crimes. Today's main crime... dogma! Check this one out as not only will Rensch teach you about the relative importance of tactical and positional patterns, he will also give you a free pass to play any opening you like from here on out! 

Amateur Game Review: Strategy vs. Tactics Danny exhorts all aspiring "strategists" and "tacticians" to become shapeshifters, by far the dominant profile among all strong players. What is a shapeshifter? Well for that and plenty of other practical advice, you'll have to watch to find out! 

Amateur Game Review: Amateur's Mind 1 Danny tackles the use of intuition and calculation in the first half of this game analysis, exhorting his viewers to use one to build up the other. Look in the mirror. Are you a grandmaster? If not, there is still some work to be done before we can play based on feel and opinion. 

Amateur Game Review: Amateur's Mind 2 In the second half of his analysis, Danny teaches a bunch of important principles in the Queen's Gambit structure. However, he never stops reminding the student that they may not play thoughtlessly based on the principles he's placing in their hands. They must force some precision out of themselves.

Amateur Game Review: Amateur's Mind 3 You may remember him from the classic hits, "Amateur's Mind 1" and "Amateur's Mind 2." Yes, Daniel Rensch is back with even more opening principles, more explanations about the Queen's Gambit, and more advice about your thought process! This video is rated beginner-intermediate for some ugly moves and bishop-for-knight trading opportunities.

Amateur Game Review: Amateur's Mind 4 In the second half of the game covered in Amateur's Mind 3, Rensch covers the psychology of how to handle positions where you are down a pawn with good compensation. He also provides some key principles for when you have an advantage in the endgame. Very practical advice! 

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