Announcing's International Club Match Series
International communities compete on!

Announcing's International Club Match Series

| 31 | Other is excited to announce our international club tournament series for Spanish, Russian, French, Portugese, Turkish, and Polish users. To celebrate our international communities and streamers, we'll be doing a club tournament series between users in these languages!

All matches will be streamed on's Twitch channels.


Teams will play three "club matches" back to back in rapid (15+5), blitz (5+3), and bullet (2+1) time controls.

The club match format pairs entrants representing their club against a member of the opposing club for two games, one with White and one with Black.


Matches will take place on Fridays at 9 a.m. PT (January 18, 25, February 8, 15, 22). Here are the scheduled weekly matchups.

Matches Match One Match Two Match Three
January 18

Turkish vs. Russian:

(Rapid, Blitz, Bullet)

Polish vs. Portuguese:

(Rapid, Blitz, Bullet)

French vs. Spanish:

(Rapid, Blitz, Bullet)

January 25

French vs. Portuguese: (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet)

Russian vs. Polish:

(Rapid, Blitz, Bullet)

Spanish vs. Turkish:

(Rapid, Blitz, Bullet)

February 8 French vs. Polish: (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet) Portuguese vs. Turkish (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet) Russian vs. Spanish: (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet)
February 15 Russian vs. French: (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet)

Spanish vs. Portuguese: (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet)

Polish vs. Turkish: (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet)
February 22 French vs. Turkish: (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet) Polish vs. Spanish: (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet) Portuguese vs. Russian: (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet)


The top-five-scoring players from the winning team will all receive one-year diamond memberships on ALL of the players on the winning team who play in at least 4/5 matches will get one-month memberships.


FM Luis Siles (@LuisFSiles) the face of Español will be streaming on Don't miss the opportunity to have "Luison" comment on your games! What kind of antics will he be up to? We don't know yet, but we're sure he'll have some surprises.

Luis Siles, Streamer


GM Vlad Dobrov (@VladDobrov) will be streaming on An experienced instructor and a streamer at, Dobrov is best known for his role as a coach of the Russian national team.

GM Vlad Dobrov, Streamer


Kevin Bordi (@blitzstream) is leading the charge (allez les Bleus!) for the French team at He'll be bringing his famous French energy and competitiveness to all the streamers. Don't get in his way!

Kevin Bordi, Blitzstream, Streamer


GM Krikor Mekhitarian (@GMKrikor) will be streaming for the channel. He's the highest-rated streamer; hopefully his strength will rub off his club members!

GM Krikor Mokhitarian, Streamer


GM Cemil Can Ali Marandi (@jjchess2018) is one of the strongest grandmasters in Turkey, and a regular streamer at Join his coverage at for high energy and enthusiasm.

Cemil Can Ali Marandi, Streamer, JJChess


FM Kacper Polok (@KacperPolok) is one of the most popular streamers in Poland at He'll be bringing you the official show at

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