New Feature: Live Club Matches

New Feature: Live Club Matches

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Last year, we were thrilled to announce the arrival of Club Tournaments in Live Chess, bringing all the excitement of Live to intra-club competition! Today, we're just as excited - if not more so! - to introduce Live Club Matches! Now Club administrators can challenge other clubs to exciting battles in Live Chess, using the same familiar format as Daily Club Matches.
(Please note: This new feature is only available on the v3 website. If you're not using the new site, just click here to try it out!)

Setting up a Live Match is easy... If you're a Club Admin you'll see this new feature in Live, at the bottom of the top right panel. Click it to get started!

You'll see a panel of options appear over the board. Select your Club, and the Club you wish to challenge, ensuring first that they have an admin in Live Chess to accept the challenge. Arrange a time to begin, a time control, a catchy title, and other details as you see fit. Then create the challenge!

Here's what it looks like on the other end, when the challenge is received and viewed:

Once accepted, the match appears on the Tournaments tab, visible to all members of the two competing Clubs.

Players are dynamically paired as they join, and once the match begins, you can easily observe games in progress by selecting them from the pairings matrix. The current score is visible at all times.

So there you have it! Competing with your teammates for the glory of your favorite Club has never been faster or more fun! Good luck!