Arena Kings Season 4 Leaderboard
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Arena Kings Season 4 Leaderboard

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Here you'll find updated standings and leaderboard information for Arena Kings season four. 

You can read the season four announcement here for complete details.

Season Standings as of May 21

Rank Player Points Twitch Channel Name / Title
1 erichansen 215 GM Eric Hansen
2 AlexanderL 170 GM Aleksandr Lenderman
3 PaulfromSPb 165 IM Pavel Anisimov
4 HansCoolNiemann 145 IM Hans Niemann
5 vuqarrasulov 115 GM Vuqar Rasulov
6 Firouzja2003 105 GM Alireza Firouzja
7 PacmansPal_Twitch 90 Leo Cohen
8 GMKrikor 65 GM Krikor Mekhitarian
9 penguingm1 55 GM Andrew Tang
10 h3nrique 50 NM Henrique Paiva
11-T kbkhan91 45 Kaykobad Khan
11-T spicycaterpillar 45 GM Ray Robson
13 KingsBishop 35 Daniel Greiner
14 Rashad_Zeynalli 25 FM Rashad Zeynalli
15-T FedaMaster 15 FM Deniz Arman
15-T ZionPureinHeart 15 Daniel Palacios
15-T hallvardhf 15 Hallvard Haug Flatebo
15-T GMCanty 15 NM James Canty
15-T AttilaTurzo 15 IM Attila Turzo
15-T IMJackRodgers 15 Jack Rodgers
15-T SalcaliBulgurPilavi 15 Arda Bas
15-T The_Chess_Coach 15 NM Justin Storn
15-T TaylorCHall 15 T.C. Hall
15-T siddharth544 15 Siddarth
15-T InteractiveChess 15 Jonathan
15-T AmundPS 15 Amund Pihl Strand
27-T Moscatel87 10 John Moscatel
27-T punkbass 10 Jeff Kolnick
27-T nissou-ach 10 Mohamed Anis Achour
27-T jasonpsweeney 10 Jason Pierre Sweeney
27-T PlanetChessClub 10 Stancliff Buxley
27-T kinglybingly 10 David Neuer
27-T ChessicallyInclined 10 NM Jason Morefield
27-T Strider23cpk 10 Caleb Kircher
27-T sharkema 10 Scott Harkema
27-T ChessinBlackandWhite 10 Michael Porcelli
27-T ChristianDobos 10 Krisztian Dobos
27-T murmah2003 10 IM Mahammad Muradli
27-T TeamEXP 10 FM Jose Francisco Veiga
27-T pedromartinez91 10 FM Pedro Martinez
27-T maxmlynek 10 Max Mlynek
42-T stewiiegriffin 5 FM Jose Herrera
42-T Oleksandr_Bortnyk 5 GM Oleksandr Bortnyk
42-T champ2005 5 IM Raunak Sadhwani
42-T lovelybit 5 Evgeny Margolin
42-T jflup 5 IM Jordi Fluvia
42-T chessnerdbird 5 David Blackwelder
42-T Lellmaestro 5 Leo Brodin
42-T hectorfiori 5 Hector Fiori
42-T JapaneseTutor 5 Charlie
42-T Blitzstream 5 NM Kevin Bordi
42-T DawidCzerw 5 FM Dawid Czerw
42-T bergidum 5 Tony Bergida
42-T mikhaillushenkov 5 IM Mikhail Lushenkov
42-T VeraNebolsina 5 WGM Vera Nebolsina
42-T GMHess 5 GM Robert Hess
42-T TheChessguy 5 Paul Hummel
42-T Chess_Laz 5 Lazaro Alvarez Carrasco
42-T ChessCoachNet 5 Frank Johnson
42-T UAArtur 5 Artur S
42-T e4ofHearts 5 NM Aakaash Meduri
42-T paulw7-uk 5 Paul Welford
42-T JustineKeller 5 Gijs Swennen
42-T Poulpinator 5 Herve
42-T Fins0905 5 IM John Bartholomew
42-T gwyn042108 5 Gwyn
42-T Manukyan_Artak 5 NM Artak Manukyan

Week 2, Monday 3|0:

Week 1, Top Clip: GM Eric Hansen ($50 in gifted Twitch subs)

Week 1, Staff Prize: GM Krikor Mekhitarian ($50 in gifted Twitch subs)

Week 1, Friday 3|0:

Week 1, Monday 3|0:

For more information about Arena Kings season four, please visit this article for the rules, format, prizes and everything else you need to know.

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