Arena Kings Season 6

Arena Kings Season 6‎

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The sixth season of the Arena Kings chess tournament series runs between January 11 and April 2, 2021 and features a total prize fund of $20,000.

As in earlier seasons, Monday and Friday are the regular Arena Kings days. Once again there are four designated days when Fischer Random (Chess960) is to be played and also four Royal Arena Kings with elevated prizes.

All members are eligible for prizes but while you must stream your games in order to earn cash, streamers do not have to be members of the Streamer's Program to be eligible to win.

You can find quick links to important event information below:

Streaming and Identification Requirements:

*Any user can play in Arena Kings tournaments, but only streamers are eligible for prizes. To be eligible, all requirements below must be fulfilled. 

The following applies to all streamers:

  • All players must stream their games with boards and webcams visible on stream. 
  • Verbal commentary and/or chat engagement is also required. We are specifically discouraging streamers that are streaming simply to be eligible for prizes while not providing any streaming "value".
  • Anonymous players cannot earn prizes. All accounts must be labelled with REAL NAMES.
  • All players must stream at least 100 minutes of the event.
  • All requirements must be met in full in order to be eligible for any prizes. No exceptions will be made.

For Twitch streamers: 

For YouTube streamers:

  • You MUST email us (, with your YouTube channel URL, ideally in advance, but within 2 hours of the end of the event at the latest. 
  • All streams must have "Arena Kings" in the stream title. Arena Kings Season 6


  • 3|0 time control
  • Two-hour arena tournament
  • Live broadcast on
Arena Kings Season 6 Format

Cash Prizes:

Regular Arena Kings will have a $700 prize fund each, while the Royal Arena Kings will have an increased pool of $1,500. All players must stream their games and identify themselves to earn cash prizes.

Arena Kings Season 6 Prizes

Full Schedule: 

  • January 11-April 2, 2021
  • Royal Arena Kings: January 25, January 29, March 29, April 2 (bigger prize funds)
  • Fischer Random: February 5, February 8, March 8, March 12
Arena Kings Season 6 Schedule

Streaming Tips

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