Arena Kings Streamers Championship Season 3 Leaderboard
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Arena Kings Streamers Championship Season 3 Leaderboard

Jan 19, 2019, 2:48 PM |
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Here you'll find updated standings and leaderboard information for the Arena Kings Streamers Championship for season three. 

You can read the season three announcement here for complete details.

Standings as of February 16

Rank Player Points Twitch Channel Name / Title
1 GataKamsky1974 515 GM Gata Kamsky
2 Hikaru 420 GM Hikaru Nakamura
3 Last7Samurai 325 GM Cemil Can Ali Marandi
4 penguingm1 320 GM Andrew Tang
5 ArabicFalcon 290 GM Salem Saleh
6 gmjlh 265 GM Jon Ludvig Hammer
7 Blitzstream 225 NM Kevin Bordi
8 GMKrikor 215 GM Krikor Mekhitarian
9 GeorgMeier 185 GM Georg Meier
10 ChessicallyInclined 155 NM Jason Morefield
11 chessgirl94 150 Chess Girl
12-T nissou-ach 115 Mohamed Anis Achour
12-T KNVB 115 GM Aman Hambleton
14-T Firouzja2003 90 GM Alireza Firouzja
14-T erichansen 90 GM Eric Hansen
14-T Fins0905 90 IM John Bartholomew
17 DanielNaroditsky 85 GM Daniel Naroditsky
18 Rashad_Zeynalli 80 FM Rashad Zeynalli
19-T maxmlynek 75 Max Mlynek
19-T DawidCzerw 75 FM David Czerw
19-T ChessQueen 75 GM Alexandra Kosteniuk
22 champ2005 70 IM Raunak Sadhwani
23-T Zugazuando 65 GM Andre Diamant
23-T MathsMaths0 65 Benjamin Foster
25-T Manukyan_Artak 60 NM Artak Manukyan
25-T ChessinBlackandWhite 60 Michael Porcelli
25-T punkbass 60 Jeff Kolnick
28 Frolik67 55 NM Nicholas Rosenthal
29-T mikhaillushenkov 45 IM Mikhail Lushenkov
29-T InteractiveChess 45 Jonathan
29-T IMRosen 45 IM Eric Rosen
32-T hallvardhf 35 Hallvard Haug Flatebo
32-T josiwales 35 FM Josiah Stearman
32-T NapoleonBonaparteIV 35 Isaac Steincamp
32-T Feuer00 35 Feuer
36-T KingsBishop 30 Daniel Greiner
36-T TaylorCHall 30 T.C. Hall
38-T PlanetChessClub 25 Stancliff Buxley
38-T NotFischer 25 Aaron Cooper
38-T kbkhan91 25 Kaykobad Khan
38-T brennanravan 25 Brennan Ravan
38-T TheCount 25 GM Cristian Chirila
43-T KacperPolOK 20 FM Kacper Polok
43-T besztok 20 FM Bernardo Vainzoff Sztokbant
43-T GMCanty 20 NM James Canty
43-T Strider23cpk 20 Caleb Kircher
43-T kinglybingly 20 David Neuer
43-T cheXC 20 Nathan Holzmueller
43-T stewiiegriffin 20 FM Jose Herrera
43-T PittsPawngrabbers 20 NM Michael Chen
43-T Maskdd 20 David Marsh
52-T VladDobrov 15 GM Vlad Dobrov
52-T jerryfly 15 Jerry Meza
52-T ChessCoachNet 15 Frank Johnson
52-T AmundPS 15 Amund Pihl Strand
52-T pedromartinez91 15 FM Pedro Martinez
52-T GothamChess 15 IM Levy Rozman
52-T GMoves 15 Gerald Moveowski
52-T IMJackRodgers 15 Jack Rodgers
52-T Samuel_Heran 15 Samuel Heran
52-T VeraNebolsina 15 WGM Vera Nebolsina
62-T PaulfromSPb 10 IM Pavel Anisimov
62-T Misowalker 10 Powell Walker
62-T vovachesss 10 CM Vladimir Mikhailovsky
62-T EugKoz 10 Evgeny Kozhenkov
62-T JustineKeller 10 Gijs Swennen
62-T Moscatel87 10 John Moscatel
62-T ChristianDobos 10 Krisztian Dobos
62-T DJ_Chess1 10 David Craciun
62-T Bobancio 10 Bartosz Probola
62-T PulpanJ 10 IM Jakub Pulpan
72-T chessbrats 5 Chess Brat
72-T Nyzhnyk_Illia 5 GM Illia Nyzhnyk
72-T Crypotchess 5 IM Alexander Katz
72-T unc_the_awesome 5 Trip Meiners
72-T TregubovP 5 GM Pavel Tregubov
72-T Cryptochess 5 IM Alex Katz
72-T BirdIA 5 Chris Bird
72-T Fagner_Lima 5 Fanger Lima
72-T murmah2003 5 IM Mahammad Muradli
72-T SaxGod 5 Kenny G
72-T chessnerdbird 5 David Blackwelder
72-T Twitchbratac_38 5 Julien
72-T Atvrmann 5 Armann the Legend
72-T JustResignPlz 5 Brandon Eshleman
72-T Slizunkov 5 Dmitry Slizunkov
72-T zefcat 5 Sara Herman
72-T Keitthonsky 5 Keith Khumalo
72-T saltyclown 5 Salty Clown
72-T Bikfoot 5 Wouter Bik
72-T PacmansPal_Twitch 5 Leo Cohen
72-T MinchoRusev 5 Mincho Rusev

Week 5, Top Clip:

Week 5, Staff Prize: Aaron Cooper ($50 in gifted Twitch subs)

Week 5, Friday 3|0:

Week 5, Monday 3|0:

Week 4, Top Clip: NM Jason Morefield ($50 in gifted Twitch subs) (awarded as Staff Prize)

Week 4, Staff Prize: Michael Porcelli ($50 in gifted Twitch subs)

Week 4, Friday 3|0:

Week 4, Monday 3|0:

Week 3, Top Clip: NM Kevin Bordi ($50 in gifted Twitch subs) (awarded as Staff Prize)

Week 3, Staff Prize: GM Salem AR Saleh ($50 in gifted Twitch subs)

Week 3, Friday 3|0:

Week 3, Monday 3|0:

Week 2, Top Clip: IM Mikhail Lushenkov ($50 in gifted Twitch subs) (awarded as Staff Prize)

Week 2, Staff Prize: GM Gata Kamsky ($50 in gifted Twitch subs)

Week 2, Friday 3|0:

Week 2, Monday 3|0:

Week 1, Top Clip: Chessbrah ($50 in gifted Twitch subs)

Week 1, Staff Prize: GM Cemil Can Ali Marandi ($50 in gifted Twitch subs)

Week 1, Friday 3|0:

Week 1, Monday 3|0:

If you want to find more information about the Arena Kings Streamers Championship season three, please visit the this article for the rules, format, prizes and everything else you need to know.

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