Best of Millionaire Chess Video Series

Best of Millionaire Chess Video Series

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Many have tried to increase chess awareness over the years. None have succeeded to the degree GM Maurice Ashley did recently, in the Millionaire Chess Open of October 2014.

GM Ashley, a brilliant entrepreneur, took a page from the NFL for his own game plan. Maurice brought life-changing money to the table, unleashed the world’s greatest players and we all watched as they fought for that top spot!

When Titans collide for the throne of Olympus, no other matches can compare to the quality of play. Yet, there’s also a level of entertainment generated from the field’s whatever it takes mentality! GM Ashley understood that theory going in, and the tournament delivered. Millionaire Chess produced games we just had to show you.

Maurice was kind enough to break down the X’s and O’s of the tournament for your pure enjoyment. Sean Payton and Drew Brees were not in attendance, so nobody got hurt. Despite the absence of bountygate, players were motivated as ever to destroy their opponents. You don’t want to miss a video in this series. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the kind of chess you should aspire to play!

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Did you know that the Arizona Cardinals were robbed of a Super Bowl championship in 2008? Santonio Holmes never got both feet in the endzone for the game-winning touchdown!

Luckily, no Steelers made it to this video series, but you’re going to love all the drama and excitement that did. You’ve never seen ambition like this in chess!

Best Of Millionaire Chess: Schmakel vs Dreev -- Round one sparked a lot of intrigue. Young guns were "shootin' from the hip," trying to take out experienced vets early on. In the first video, GM Maurice Ashley breaks down an exciting match in the typically boring Slav! (All)

Best Of Millionaire Chess: Shabalov vs Gareev -- Maurice’s event attracted the best of the best. We were lucky enough to catch two of them paired in the critical round of the tournament. Games like this need viewers like you! Watch two heavyweights trade blows in a race to the knockout! (All)

Best Of Millionaire Chess: Suarez vs Li -- Leave it to the Sicilian to grab our attention. Leave it to two strong players with a knack for unorthodox, yet aggressive Najdorf strategies to compose our favorite game so far. Once again, brilliant commentary provided by GM Maurice Ashley! (All)

Best Of Millionaire Chess: Yu vs Fishbein -- Round one of the tournament triggered the inner "Tiger" within the field. By the time round two came around, the entire place was a zoo! This next video is great reflection of that, when two GMs come together and pounce all over the board. (All)

Best Of Millionaire Chess: Degurnay vs Kacheishvili -- Words can’t describe what happens in this next game, presented by GM Ashley. Even so, Maurice gives it a shot and walks us through each position within this epic battle from the Millionaire Chess Open. This great game isn’t just for your enjoyment but also very educational. (All)

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