Carlsen vs. Karjakin | World Chess Championship 2016
The most recent world championship match in New York in 2016 featured just two classical wins but nonetheless ranked ninth on our list.

Carlsen vs. Karjakin | World Chess Championship 2016

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The countdown of the "Most Exciting World Championships In History" continues today with ninth place, and you don't have to remember too far back for this one.

Sergey Karjakin vs. Magnus Carlsen from 2016 in New York made it into top 10 easily with 24 points (double that of the three matches tied for 10th place). Although just two classical wins were produced, there was still a host of side items to discuss:

  • Carlsen briefly trailed in the match, even though he was the heavy favorite.
  • Karjakin's manager gave hilarious interviews.
  • The public generally appreciated Judit Polgar's commentary style.
  • Carlsen pronounced that he "generally doesn't believe in fortresses."
  • Carlsen walked out of the press conference following his one loss.
  • The championship ended in a playoff, with Carlsen sacrificing his queen for forced mate.

Magnus Carlsen Sergey Karjakin

Carlsen-Karjakin went into overtime. | Photo: Mike Klein/

This was also the world championship with the most coverage. Below are some reminders of the most memorable moments (the final report with links to all of the round reports is here).

First, the famous delay that caused the champ to abandon the press conference:

Here's Karjakin taking the lead in game eight with the first win of the match:

Carlsen then tied up the match in game 10:

With the final classical game a complete dud, Carlsen helped ensure his third world championship match would make our top-10 by winning two games in the rapid.

Here's his victory in the third rapid game that put him ahead:

Although he only needed a draw as White to defend his title, Carlsen ended the match by playing perhaps his most electric move of his world-championship-match career:

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