The 10 Most Exciting World Chess Championships Ever
Vishy Anand and Magnus Carlsen at the 2014 world championship in Sochi, Russia. | Photo: Mike Klein/

The 10 Most Exciting World Chess Championships Ever

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With the upcoming 2018 world chess championship between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana just days away starting Nov. 9, wanted to know: What is the most exciting title match in history?

Below is a countdown of the top 10 as we announce one per weekday until the start of the 2018 world chess championship:

world chess championship

There were also other world chess championships that didn't make our list but got at least one vote:

20th place, Kasparov-Anand 1995 (2 points); 19th place, Steinitz-Chigorin 1892 (3 points); 18th place, Kramnik-Topalov 2006 (4 points); 17th place, Euwe-Alekhine 1935 (5 points); T-15th place, Spassky-Petrosian 1969 and Kasparov-Karpov 1986 (7 points); 14th place, Kramnik-Kasparov 2000 (9 points); 13th place, Kasparov-Short 1993 (10 points). 

Wonder how this list was created? 

There was only one way to find out. staff members looked back at every title match or tournament in history (FIDE and PCA). They ranked their top 10, with each person's selection for "most exciting in history" getting 10 points, and on down to one point for 10th place (well, with the exception of chief chess officer @danielrensch, who only ranked his top seven, because he is Danny!).

Other voting members: directors of content @mikeklein and @peterdoggers, director of social media and international content @samcopeland, executive editor @pete, Russian social media liaison and photographer @MissLovaLova, director of professional relations @simonmtl, and curriculum specialist @Fischwitsch. With eight voters, that means a perfect score would be 80 if the number one match had been unanimous (it wasn't!).

Don't agree with our choices? Great! Please make your best arguments in the comments.

Let us know a match that should have been moved up or down, or not ranked at all. Or, try to guess which matches we named in our top 10!

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