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What happened at in November? Month In Review: November 2021

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Hey, chess lovers! As the end of 2021 looms, it's now a good time to look back on the penultimate month of the year and see what kept the teams busy last month.

One thing that kept us very busy was Players League, but more about that next month since it officially landed in December! Another was our Classroom feature—soon to be everyone's best solution for reviewing or studying games online after playing, or during a coaching session!

But for now, let's dive in to the stuff that landed in November 2021...


  • The biggest story of the month is the release of Insights: Learn more about yourself as a player with a huge set of personal metrics and analytics drawn from all your games! Check out the announcement here!


  • Search and site search results keep getting better this month with improved feature search results and cosmetic improvements to the search-result list.
  • We also added logic improvements to the Club and Username Search feature.
  • Added some visual and functional improvements to sorting Forum posts and comments by Relevance.
  • Format and style improvements for the Game Review feature.
  • Games in Events are now correctly sorted by round and table. Last month actually saw a LOT of minor improvements to Events!
  • To add more context to Chat messages in Daily games, each post indicates the move last played when the chat was sent!
  • In the mood for something different? We added a link to Chess Variants from the Game Type menu in Play.

Play Chess Variants

  • We now display connection-quality indicators when you are playing in Focus Mode.
  • Chess clocks have been tweaked visually to clarify whose move it is.
  • We smoothed some visual transition issues in the new comment reactions feature.
  • We made auto-abort warnings less frequent (and more based on time control) in Play.Move Evaluations
  • Tournament standings are now updated every five seconds in the Play interface (instead of every 15 secs.)
  • Improved the prompt that asks if you want to play a Material Odds game when sending a challenge.
  • Made it easier to view members' game Archive without leaving the Play UI. (If you select the Archive icon from a member pop-up in Play, you'll see the games on the Archive tab there, instead of being taken to a different page.)
  • Made some changes to move-evaluation symbols and colors in Analysis (Game Review).
  • Also working on some very cool changes for your Home page and the site navigation—stay tuned for more on that soon!


Last month, Team iOS release version 3.9.25 (6), with various minor fixes and improvements, a sharp new icon, and improved logic for rematching Odds games!


November was a big month for team Android, with lots of new features and improvements added to the app!

  • A new standalone Analysis Board tool
  • A Stats Overview screen with a summary of ratings and activity
  • Improvements to Home and Today screens
  • Better styling for Messages
  • A new splash screen
  • Support for connected DGT chessboards

Very cool!

Fair Play & Sportsmanship

  • 17,282 accounts closed for fair play (including 7 titled players).
  • 1,081,309 abuse reports were received.
  • 55,256 mute actions were taken.
  • 45,508 individual accounts muted.
  • 23,250 accounts closed for abuse.

Member Support

Average time to response: 24 hours, 50 mins.
Total support responses: 31,403.
Average quality by member rating: 94% "Great" or better.
Total ratings: 3,668.

And that's November! As always, thanks for taking the time to read and letting us know what you think of recent developments. We wish you a safe and happy end to 2021, and we'll catch up with you again early next year, with one last look back at December - a pretty big month! See you then!

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