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What happened at in October? Month in Review: October 2021

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Hey, chess lovers! October was a good month for chess learners; we added a cool new game analysis tool to help you improve after every single game you play! And that's not all! Let's review what happened on the site last month!    


  • Review your games!We released the new Game Review feature to premium members last month! This takes interactive post-game analysis to a new level. Walk through your game (every move or just the key moments) while the helpful Coach explains why each move is good or bad. Get deeper insights about your opening play too! Read the full announcement here!
  • As part of the Game Review project, we also added a new Great Move evaluation and changed the way Brilliant Move is evaluated. (Again, check out the announcement for details.)
  • As players in the Beta Club have seen, we continued to build and test the new Players League (currently in beta). Coming soon!
  • Many UI improvements and fixes in the area of member Stats!
  • Many improvements to translations in various Lessons.
  • Added Three Hours as an optional duration for Club Arenas!
  • Also, Club Matches now have their own Chatrooms in Play.
  • We improved Search (especially for less experienced members) by adding a Features panel to the Search Results page.

Find Features in Search

  • Cleaned up the visual design of game lists on different tabs of the Play interface.
  • Member info pop-ups now appear in Doubles (Bughouse) games when you hover on a username.
  • It is now possible to configure a Club so that only its admins may post in the Club's forums.Equality board emoji
  • When using the Practice feature, you can now just back up and play a different opponent's move (without switching sides). This is useful when you want to explore a line the engine refuses to play.
  • We added an "=" to the set of available board emoji! This is helpful for marking stalemate squares or other opportunities to equalize the game!
  • We are now storing the opening codes (ECO) of all new puzzles entering our growing library (now over 300K!). We will soon use this is data to create cool new learning tools!
  • Improved the logic that determines "Top Players" of your favorite Openings.
  • Updated the Landing Page option in Settings to include Play as an option (replacing "Live").

Fair Play & Sportsmanship

  • 21,404 accounts closed for fair play (including 3 titled players).
  • 1,102,023 abuse reports were received.
  • 55,977 mute actions were taken.
  • 46,434 individual accounts muted.
  • 39,321 accounts closed for abuse.

Member Support

Average time to response: 1 day, 6 hours.
Total support responses: 37,220.
Average quality by member rating: 92% "Great" or better.
Total ratings: 3,052.

October was pretty great—and the rest of the year is still ahead! Stay tuned, and thanks for taking the time to catch up. See you next time to talk about November!

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