Chess is 99% tactics

Chess is 99% tactics

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Today, I want to show some great tactics. Tactics was always nice, because normally, who have more material, wins. But sometimes, the player with more material lose. Firstly, I want to show a well-known Lilienthal-Capablanca, where white sacrificed a queen. Let's see:

Now I want to show a great game from Gyimesi:
After this two great games, I want to follow a game from Edward Lasker game. The game was played against Sir George Thomas. 
Let's see the game against Pilsbury, You need to solve some diagrams:
Now let's see some variations from the game:
I follow an other very interesting line:
Pilsbury missed the draw. Now find how can Lasker won the game!
Lasker missed! Pilsbury does not make the best move and then blundered! Lasker ,,received" another BIG chance! And he found the winning move! I follow some moves and then you need to find the best move!
And you need to find the final blow! Can You find the best move?
And let's see the amazing evergreen game from Anderssen! There was an amazing combination. Let's see:
Let's  a nice motive in the next game. Your queen is in hanging, what you do? Test yourself! Can you find the best continuation for black?
After this nice move let see another great motive:
What was the continuation for Black? Or he can resign? Find black's best continuation in the next puzzle.
The next game was an amazing Morozevich-Movsesian game where black's winning move was a great knight move. But I do not want to tell everythink, because you need to find!
And I follow a game from me. I very like tactics, and I make a very nice sacrifice before few months. Find it!
That's my article for today. I hope you enjoyed, and thank you for reading!
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