Humans vs. Computers

Humans vs. Computers

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Many peoples think, the computers are better than humans. Today I want to speak about that, because I think not! Think a little bit. We (the humans) made the engines, that was one thing, why humans are better.In the next game (I follow in video) the human beat the computer with checkmate! Let's see how:

Nice or not?

Next: one time, I solved a diagram (endgame diagram) and checked with computer. The computer say a variation, the end is +5. But why? I follow the diagram:

Why is it +5? The computer can mate with 1 knight? Okay, that's to hard for me. In the next position, I want to check my analysis. I want to check a sacrifice. You can see the diagram.
So, okay I want to analyze Nh7, but first I want to see, what will computer do. Rybka: think 7 minutes and says:1.Bd2. Okay, I close Rybka. Now I check with Houdini: after 1,5 minutes Houdini wants to play 1.Nxh7 with +1.17. I put this move for Rybka and Rybka also says: that was a good move. Yes Houdini founded in 1,5 minutes. >>BUT<<! A normal chess player without thinking play Nxh7, because after Kxh7 he/she plays Qh4 and on Kg8 white can play Bg5 and threatening with Bf6 exchange the bishops and then Qf6 Re3-h3, or threatening to take the e7-knight.
If some people now also think, the computers are better than humans, see the next position:
In this very popular position, I take the Rybka, what he wants to do? Everybody knows, the g5 move. The Rybka 27 times put away the g5 move. I say OK, I close Rybka. At last 28th time Rybka says: g5!. That costed Rybka 11 (!) minutes. I think Botvinnik founded this faster...
And one other thing, what I think, that was the most impotant: the computers positional play is around zero. They can calculate very well (not every time), but positionally somitimes make horroble moves.
Think first, and after use engine, because sometimes, the human is better then the best computer engine of the World!
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