What's In A Premium Membership
Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a Premium Membership? Today we're telling you all about it.

What's In A Premium Membership

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Do you remember the day you joined At first, it could all seem a little overwhelming (so many features and options!), but you gradually got the hang of it. Suddenly, you realized that had become like your second home, where you can share your passion for chess with friends.

We think we can offer you something to improve your experience, which is why we'd like to explain the advantages of having a premium membership.

Premium Membership Features: 


Until very recently, we offered you a database with a whole bunch of puzzles to solve until you got tired. But we realized that you deserve a better experience, so we completely redesigned this section.

Chess Puzzles
Now you have three training modes in the puzzles section.

Now, we have three training modes:

Rated: In this training mode, puzzles have a rating and depending on whether you solve them successfully or not, your rating will increase or decrease. Moreover, you can check your evolution in a chart where you can find all the details of the puzzles you just solved. Also, in the statistics section you can review your detailed performance on each topic. 

Rated Chess Puzzles
These puzzles are rated.

Learning: This mode is probably our most popular learning tool at the moment. Our new puzzles system is capable of identifying the themes in each puzzle and helps you train by categorizing them (passed pawns, stalemate, etc.)

Learn chess
You can train on more than 30 themes.

These puzzles are also linked in the analysis tool so that you can improve via themes that come up in your games. It's all connected! Isn't it great?

Chess analysis
Once your game ends, you can analyze it and see what tactical themes appeared.

Puzzle Rush: Do you like excitement? Then you'll love Puzzle Rush, the challenging game that is played worldwide by chess fans and masters alike. In the next section, we offer you a detailed explanation of what it is.

Puzzle Rush

Puzzle Rush: These two words mean madness, excitement, tension and above all, a lot of fun! This is probably one of the most beautiful features we have created. Every day, we have players of all levels (from beginners all the way to GM Hikaru Nakamura) playing it. And this is only the beginning. We will soon have Puzzle Battle (match-ups), Arena mode, and much more.

Puzzle Rush Chess
Can you beat Nakamura's score of 55?

Puzzle Rush is a tool where you are challenged to solve as many puzzles as you can in five minutes. You have three strikes before the game ends. Give it a try!


We have a whole range of chess lessons for you, from "New To Chess" all the way to "Mastery" level!

Chess Lessons
With our lessons system, you can learn in a dynamic and fun way.

How do lessons work?

For each topic, you will first watch a short video explaining the concept, and then you attempt to solve the challenges in that lesson to ensure you thoroughly understand the concept. Every challenge gives you detailed explanations with variations and much more.

learn chess with chess lessons
For each step, you will get an explanation to make sure that you grasp the concept.

Of course, you can track your progress and see where you need to improve. And the best thing is—these lessons are linked to the analysis tool, so that we can identify the areas in which you need to improve and show you lessons accordingly. For example, if you play a game with opposite-side castling, after you finish it we will show you a lesson with opposite castling so that you can see whether you made the best decisions in the game you just played.

Your game report

How would you like to know how many mistakes you've made at the end of your game? Would you like to know if you missed a win? It's all possible now! With the new analysis tool you can understand everything that happened in your game. 

Chess Game Report
The new analysis tool will give you all the details about the game you just played.

Main tools:

  • A detailed report rating your moves (excellent, good, bad, blunder, etc.).
  • Evaluation line so that you can see how the advantage grew throughout the game.
  • Tactical themes and lessons that appeared throughout the game and links to train on them.
  • Stockfish computer analysis for each move and suggestions of the best moves and variations. 
  • The option to retry mistakes you made in the game and see which would have been the correct move.  
  • Opening explorer to compare the moves you played with the game database. 
  • And so much more.

Retry your mistakes

We wanted to highlight this feature because it's a great step forward that can change the way you look at your chess. After each game, you can click on this tab and see how you could have changed the course of the game and where you may have missed some chances.

Retry Chess Mistakes
At a glance, you can see all the mistakes you made and try to look for a better move.

Video library

Did you know that we have thousands of videos with lots of learning content? Openings, middlegame, endgames, strategy, classical games and so much more! Find out who our video authors are and check out their videos for a fun learning experience.

chess videos
With our library of thousands of videos, you will never run out of material!

Ad-free experience

If you go premium, you will get no ads and you will enjoy a faster and cleaner experience!

Opening explorer

At, we have a database with hundreds of thousands of games played by masters around the world. We group them together and offer you our opening explorer, where you can compare your moves with those played by masters and see when you have deviated. Find out what Magnus Carlsen played in a certain position and explore the depths of all possible openings.

Chess Opening Explorer
How would you like to compare your games with the games of world champions?


If you've been playing for a couple years now, some themes like the rook-and-king vs. king mate will seem very simple. Even so, don't forget that we have all been through that developmental phase and learning to play those positions is essential for improvement. That is why in our drill database, you can practice dozens of positions against the computer such as different types of mates and key positions. It should be noted that they are not all easy positions; you have some complex positions such as the bishop-and-knight mate. Do you dare to try it?

chess drills
Play key chess positions vs the computer.

Club administration

Would you like to organize a tournament among your club members or friends? With your premium membership you will be able to create all sorts of activities within a club so that you can always have fun with your crew.

Barcelona Raptors Fan Chess Club
Fan's club of the Barcelona Raptors Pro Chess League Team.

Timeout protection in Daily Chess

You enter a Daily Chess tournament with several days per move, you are first and you are about to reach victory. Suddenly, you go on vacation to a place with no internet. Oh no! The games! Don't worry, thanks to your premium membership you will have vacation time that will be activated automatically when you run out of time and put the games on "pause" to avoid defeat.

Join the family

Features and tools are good since they help you improve your chess. But we want you to know a bit more about

Did you know that there's always someone available—24/7?

Equipo de
Members of the staff during the last annual meetup in Jamaica.

More than 150 people strive every day to provide you with a pleasant, intuitive experience and to make you a little happier. In every small detail of this company, we have put all our enthusiasm and love to give you a great time.

If you want to try the Premium Membership, you can enjoy a free trial for seven days. You can cancel at any time and if you buy it, you have 30 days in which you can get a full refund if you are not 100 percent satisfied.

Thanks a lot for your support!

—The team

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