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Chess Abrogators
Join this group if you want to improve in chess. Get and spread ideas on tactics, openings, unfair advantages and tricks on traps. Lets build each ...
Training with Josh
Welcome to my club everyone! Family friendly community here, please keep it clean!   Hi everyone, my name is Josh Price! I am a coach, b...
Clube de Xadrez Brasil - CXBr
Somos um clube brasileiro! Temos torneios ao vivo, xadrez por votação com muita interação entre os membros, torneios de xadrez diário, confrontos ...
TJ Valašská Bystřice - šachy
Regionální Valašský klub pro hráče šachového klubu TJ Valašská Bystřice a okolí. Klub byl založen za účelem účasti v "ChessCom Clubs League", přípa...
Brawl Stars Fan Club Leadership
This is a private club for the members in leadership in The Brawl Stars Fan Club FOR LEADERSHIP ONLY!!! If you are in Leadership, but not in this...
Femme Fatales
Effective June 6, 2021: New members accepted by invitation only. If you want to join Femme Fatales, please feel free to reach out and introduce you...
Minnesota State Chess Association
This the official group for the Minnesota State Chess Association (MSCA). The MSCA is the state affiliate to the United States Chess Federation (US...
Pawn Killer Club
WELCOME to the Pawn Killer Club! Who like to capture pawns should join the club. By joining this club you could join online tournaments ( soon if w...
Iowa State Chess Club
This is the online portion of the Iowa State Chess Club (ISCC). It is open to all members of ISCC.
Let's talk about chess
In this group, you are free to talk about ANYTHING regarding chess. This is a spot to make new friends and share information about the greatest gam...
Please join my  i will post puzzles
The Wolf Within
Everyone has a wolf hidden within them that makes them stronger
Team Oregon
  We represent The State Of Oregon in the US State Championships. We need all Oregonians to stand proudly with her, defending her honor. Please ...
Magic - Fearless - Strong   Play in competitions, chat with friends! We welcome strong and active players who enjoy competition matches! We pla...
This chess club is for all who like chess and would love to see the growth of chess in this new decade. #chessart #agadmator #chessvaria...
Yugoslavia - chess group for chess players born in the former Yugoslav republics and for all the people who keep good memories of that time. /// Ju...
2021-22 Online Girls League by Susan Polgar Foundation
This club is for the participants of the 2021-22 Online Girls’ League organized by the Susan Polgar Foundation
Club of Numbers
Do you like chess, do you like numbers, do you like nice players? This is your place to go! We are a new great club and we grow constantly.We wou...
Improve your chess
My name is Kyrylo Demchenko, I am the chess coach and this group was created for my students only, like place where they will able to play in tourn...
MM Comuna 1
Club de ajedrez de la comuna 1
Verified Players Club
This is the official club for all Verified players.
Abu Dhabi Chess Club
Welcome to Abu Dhabi Chess Club! To join, please fill the membership form. Your request will be reviewed by one of our admins. Best Regards, Ab...
Al-ternative Discussion
a group to talk about ideas, politics, current events, etc.  or, your local club of iniquity, just like your neighborhood watering hole.