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Botez Live Fan Club
Fans of Andrea Botez and her sister Alexandra Botez who streams on can gather and play in tournaments.
Westport Chess Club of KC MO
Hello, and welcome to our little club! We're the Westport Chess Club of Kansas City, Missouri, and we've been going strong since 1987. If you live ...
Cng.z Chess Club
Bu kulüp Ağrı ilinin Doğubayazıt ilçesinde yer alan Şehit Gürhan Yardım Ortaokulu öğrencileri için kurulmuştur.
W.M. Green Elementary Chess Club
This is not a public club. 
Clube Xadrez Brasil
Este é o Clube Oficial do para o Canal Xadrez Brasil. Aqui, organizaremos torneios, estudos, Lives e será nosso ponto de encontro oficia...
love chess girls
this group for girls or boys who love girls that play chess and like play chess;)
Peak Performers
Peak Performers is a team that is being born now ! Performers will be all those who know how to move the pieces on the chessboard using their own i...
Chess University - Morocco
Chess University Affiliate Club for residents of Morocco who wish to improve at chess. This club serves to help the local chess community organize ...
Team Prishtina
ByPrishtina is the economic, cultural, political, and administrative centre of Kosova. .Has been inhabited for nearly 10,000 years. Early Neolithic...
European Chess Players
Welcome to the European Chess Players ... dedicated to play daily, live and vote chess in the ONE WORLD League and other competitions.  
Team Kazakhstan
Team Kazakhstan командасына қош келдіңіз!  Біз блиц, рапид және бірнеше күндік шахматты ойнаймыз. Бізбен бірге Қазақстанның абыройы мен даңқын  ...
AFC Bournemouth
Please allow me to introduce AFC Bournemouth. We are a friendly but very active group that caters for players of all levels from beginner to expert...
The Rise of the Phoenix Club
We are part of the UCN community! We are also a part of Project Hybrid led by @Haramisblood!! Do you love playing all the amazing chess va...
Polish Gentlemen
Oficjalny klub Damiana Lewtaka i przyjaciół
He who wields this Hammer, if he is worthy of it, will possess The Power of THOR. Participate in exclusive Arenas, Tournaments and Championships fo...
Coach Jay's Chess Academy
Learn more about Coach Jay's Chess Academy,
33 Uttar Pradesh
We represent INDIA while playing for the Indian State UTTAR PRADESH here at an International Level.  Any Indian who want to make our team more s...
Ignore the weird club name and join us!    But why would you do that? Take a minute and read this description to find out!  We are a community of...
Team The Hague
Welcome to Team The Hague! This group is for chess players from the city The Hague or the The Hague region. It serves for exchange about over-the-b...
Thomas Chess Training School
Anyone under 18 is welcome to join! The official learning online chess club for Trainstein Chess students.  
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Team Nigeria
Team Nigeria strives to be a happy and welcoming place. We promote a supportive and rewarding chess environment, as well as a chance to make friend...
Jack Sarkisian Live
The official Jack Sarkisian Live club for live stream tournaments.