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The North Texas Chess Academy
The Official Club of the North Texas Chess Academy #1 Chess Academy in Texas. NTCA's Weekly Online Rated Tournament has a $10.00 entry ...
O.V.J.H Chess Club
Oceanview Chess Club 
Team Utah
This is the official club for Team Utah run by the Utah Chess Association.  We are a group representing Utah chess players. 
Club Nova Scotia
Welcome to Club Nova Scotia .Our Membership include many from the Atlantic provinces, as well as many Canadians from abroad and International pla...
Minnesota State Chess Association
This the official group for the Minnesota State Chess Association (MSCA). The MSCA is the state affiliate to the United States Chess Federation (US...
Team Kuwait
This is the group representing Kuwait in the World League. It is for all those who would like to participate in League match play. Member...
U v U
Hello!    Welcome to ~ U v U Club!!   here we can do many things, 1. talk 2. learn 3. play 4. enjoy 5. make friendship  6. laugh  and m...
It's time to discover the beauties of Romania. You're welcome!
Chess Shoots
Chess Shoots is a premier Chess Academy which has trained 3 Commonwealth Gold Medalists, 9 top 3 National Finishes, 25 State Champions, and More th...
Ginger GM Fan Club
This group is for (GM) Simon Williams. So if you like his show and him, please join and have fun winning matches!
World Friendship
This group is based on friendship and goodwill, allowing chess lovers to meet and network from the four corners of the world.The group's solidity w...
North America United
This group is a geographical entity encompassing North America, from Greenland and Canada to the north, to Panama and the Carribean to the south. W...
NotAnAveragePlayer's Friends
Hey yall! This is a special club made for certain people. Must be my friend! So, only join if ur my friend! U can join if u friend me right before...
World League
Welcome to the World League! Players from all over the world gather to enjoy team matches with players from other countries. All the late...
Expert Blitz Tournaments
Live Blitz tournaments for players 1900+ in blitz! DAILY Swiss tournaments Team Leagues Check out our other club as well: Expert Team Olympiads ...
"GENS UNA SUMUS" Bu Latince cümlenin anlamı ''Biz hepimiz bir aileyiz''... This Latin phrase means "We are all one family"... Bu latın cümləsinin m...
Rob's USCF Tournaments Club
A Club of those invited interested in USCF online rated chess, if you want to join the club, you must be A united states chess federation member. ...
Università Statale di MIlano
Gruppo scacchistico dell'università Statale di Milano. Il gruppo è aperto a tutti e nasce con la finalità di riunire tutti gli appassionati di scac...
Wallyjack's Elite Alliance of Chess Zealots
Hello my friends, This is a mighty club that has loyal and successful members which will be all the stronger with your inclusion. We intend to sw...
Welcome! Let us promote Nepalese Chess! We are the official chess group representing Nepal in, where we mainly participate in Asian Lea...
New Mexico Chess Players
This group is for people that play chess in the beautiful state of New Mexico. The primary goal of this group is to compete in the US State Chess L...
Training with Josh
Welcome to my club everyone! Family friendly community here, please keep it clean!   Hi everyone, my name is Josh Price! I am a coach, b...