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The Cats
Welcome to The Cats! We are looking for strong, brilliant, smart chess players like yourself! We're an unequalled international chess group with me...
Herefordshire Worcestershire Shropshire
Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire participate in the County Championship Divsion 1, the County Cup, and the European Inter-Regio Competi...
Wizard Chess
We were inspired to create this group in honour of Harry Potter and the wonderful game called Wizard Chess.
The Golden Phoenix
The Phoenix is a mythical bird that rises or is born, from its own ashes.   "A mysterious fire flashes from its eye, and a flaming aureole enriche...
Follow the Lord's way.
Follow the way of the Lord. This is a place where Interdenominational  Christians can fellowship in english, spanish(We use a Language Translator f...
1WL LIVE tournaments
1WL LIVE tournaments is a public club for everyone.We're hosting individual tournaments, Multi Club Arenas in the ONE WORLD League ... and are prou...
Team Ghana
This is the group representing ''GHANA'' in the World League. It is for all those who would like to participate in World League Match Pla...
Wizarding chess
Welcome all ! Let us play chess like a wizard! Harry potter fans are warmly welcome. There are 4 houses you can be sorted into . We have daily mat...
Wisdom Chess Academy
Welcome to Wisdom Chess Academy !! Every Pawn is a Potential Queen!   Play our Tournaments, challenge club members etc. This is the place for o...
Chess of throne
Rules - 1. No spamming or bullying others 2. Be kind and respectful 3. No abuse or rickroll is allowed 4. If you are demoting any club member, ...
Union der Regionalvereine
Die Union der Regionalvereine lädt ein, bei einem und für eines unserer Mitglieder zu spielen:. Bremer Schachartisten · Schachfreunde Hamburg · Sc...
South Dakota Chess
The South Dakota Chess group is for residents of The Rushmore State who love to learn & play chess. We love to play as a team or as individual...
Team Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe arise.. #ThisFlag Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in Southern Africa, is bordered by Zambia to the northwest, Mozambique to the east, Sout...
Circolo Scacchi - Roma Aventino - Mario Albano
Il Circolo Scacchistico Mario Albano si trova a Roma in Zona Aventino, San Saba, dal 1994, nato come Sezione Scacchi della ASD Il Discobolo. Con at...
Chess House Cafe
This is a pleasant place to come in, relax, chit-chat, listen to nice music, get useful information, discuss, and play good chess as well.  If you...
Chess Federation of North Macedonia
Chess Federation of Macedonia is a non-profit organization. Members are all registered chess clubs in Macedonia.Our aim is to support Macedonian ch...
Official Hectus Network tournament club
The Odyssey Chess Club1337x
Here we play chess and Minecraft I will host a swiss tournament every Saturday 
Team Slovakia
This group represents Slovakia 🇸🇰 in World League (WL), European League (EL) and Live Leagues:  Members...
Maya Chiburdanidze Club
 Dear Chess Lovers, Welcome to Maya Chiburdanidze’s Club!    Maya Chiburdanidze is the 6th Women's World Chess Champion. She became World Champio...
We welcome anyone with a connection to the great City of Glasgow, and the wider area of Lanarkshire. This club has been long dormant, but is the ol...