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Team Michigan
Team Michigan exists as the official state team in the US Team Chess League to compete in league daily matches here on As a competitive...
We stand for truth and freedom and jail time for those who trample on the US constitution and foment insurrection
This is a club that has a fun time playing and likes to talk about it with different people. We talk about update ideas, as well as other...
CDD Chess Club
We are members of the Catholic Diocese of Discord. Go to r/catholicmemes to learn more.
A group of chess enthusiasts based in York.  Representing York in the World Cities League 2022. Yorkshire Cup winners 2020.
Team Beograd
Поштовани чланови шаховске заједнице, уколико желите да се придружите групи заљубљеника у шах, постаните члан Тима Београд, тима из праве и истинск...
Caramelos y Bolitas
5, 4, 3.....DOS!!! Hola, sabes quien es Manuel Morsa? Es un YouTuber mexicano, transmite en su canal de Twitch, maestro FIDE, columnista de ajedr...
C and O Family Chess Center Online and Alumni Group
The home-group for all current, and former, C&O Family Chess Center players. 
Club of Numbers
Do you like chess, do you like numbers, do you like nice players? This is your place to go! We are a new great club and we grow constantly.We wou...
Team Prague
Team Prague is open to any players from Prague and surroundings or any other players, who just love this medieval city in the centre of Europe. We ...
Team New York
Welcome to Team New York!  This is a group made up of New Yorkers.  We are the team that represents New York in the US Team Chess League. This is ...
The Warriors Of Anubis
We are not afraid to lose, because defeat is the beginning of victory.We are the ones who die and are reborn.The main thing is continuous movement ...
SA HomeEd Chess Club
A chess club for South African home educated kids.
Tha Awesome Pirate Ship
Hiya matey, Welcome to The Awesome Pirate ship that anyone can join….as long as you have an obsession over treasure whatever type it is
Team Siberian Federal Okrug
Сборная Сибири. Клуб объединяет участников шахматных клубов Сибири (Сибирского Федерального округа) для выступления за регион. Новосибирск, Омск, К...
Hinduism chess club
Hi! This is a normal chess group but here we show respect to the hindu gods and we tell stories about them as well! If interested, can join, if not...
Live Chess International
    ☆Enjoy playing live chess? ☆Live Matches? ☆Live tournaments? ♡♡》Then You're invited! Everyone at Live Chess International would like to in...
𝚌𝚊𝚏𝚎 𝚌𝚘𝚎𝚞𝚛
︿︿︿︿︿︿︿︿︿ ・・bonjour! ꒰ 🥐 ꒱ welcome to café coeur ¡! ‗   ֆʊռɖǟʏ ʍօʀռɨռɢֆ ☀️    ↳ status ─ closed ᵎ⌇ ⁺ <3  
KJMS Tournament Chess II
KJMS Tournament Chess
Athletic Club Chess
Grupo para aficionados al Athletic Club y al ajedrez aunque cualquiera que quiera pasar un buen rato jugando será bienvenido
1 day per move club
Welcome!Do you like to play fast daily games? Well so do we!What can we offer you: Friendly 1 day/move team matches. Games in daily club leagues ...
FAST Chess Club
Chess forces humans to muster every ounce of cognitive abilities they possess to create incisive solutions to complex problems. A skill that is use...