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World Standard Time Control Chess Club 365 Days a year
4000+ members! The purpose of this club is to help become the #1 place on the internet to play long standard time control games. We offer...
Nuke Nation
  If you like destruction, you should join. If you like bombs, you should join. If you like explosions, you should join. If you like big boomy ...
Chess by Lauren
This is the official chess club of Coach Lauren Goodkind.  She has written two chess books, available on  She also has a lot of experie...
FBL Chess House
Official Chess Club for Full Belly Laughs.
The Cat Appreciation Society
I couldn't find any online groups for England or the United Kingdom, so stand amazed at the first! Also I like cats, thus the group name. Have you...
Unusual Birds Chess Club
This club will focus on standard Rapid games preferring 30 to 60 minute games.
Santiago Hills Chess Players
If you are a member of Santiago Hills Elementary, please join! Then private message me in private chat and answer the two questions to make sure yo...
Sherborne Schools Chess Club
A chess club for all students studying in Sherborne.
The Sisterhood
If you want to join a successful, feminine club, then this is the place for you. We aim to push club higher up the leaderboard with plenty of team ...
We play to have fun and enjoy our time kk ))))
Galactic Noise
A club mainly for chatting and unburdening yourself from your troubles. If you enjoy writing (science) fiction, this club is definitely for you.
Big Island Chess Club
Big Island Chess Club is a place to meet fellow chess players of the big island of Hawaii and friends around the world. We are excited to offer co...
UNIBEN Chess Club
This is the official University of Benin Chess Club!
io games
JOIN & ENJOY...   IO Games improvement blog Events with prizes Vote chess matches Interesting and exclusive articles ANNNDDDD TONS...
European chess club
join the discord server:
Team Malta
Team Malta is the group representing Malta in the Daily and Live World League and European League. Here we play serious chess to have goo...
PRO Puzzle Solvers Team
Welcome!This club is for the Best Puzzle Solvers & Battle players worldwide.We enjoy solving puzzles on a professional level,discussing and com...
He who wields this Hammer, if he is worthy of it, will possess The Power of THOR. Participate in exclusive Arenas, Tournaments and Championships fo...
Sydney Academy of Chess
For chess players interested in all chess related events in NSW, Australia!
J. R. R. Tolkien Chess Team
This is a club that has Daily Matches and Vote Chess. Right now we are trying to get to 150 members.  We also have some rules, though not many and ...
SHQ'S En las Ligas de Julia
Club privado en el que se realizan actividades consideradas TOP SECRET.
Team Saudi Arabia
This is Saudi Arabia Team