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Rock and Roll
We play vote chess games within our club. We try to promote this club. We need your support in every daily match. Rules of this club: 1. Don't ...
Sudan Group
this group for all sudanese peoples and sudan lovers, don't hesitate join and be active member he in your group (sudan group) you are welcome . ه...
Royal Spam Society
Getting tired of people taking things too seriously? Do you wish some of these folks would buy themselves a sense of humor, for crying out loud? ...
Brainy Nerds
Hey guys, we are gonna do some viewer tourneys in this club and as always have some fun! 
Chess players of India
Hello everyone!  Lets have some fun playing chess... We'll play chess tournaments and more...   Note: No promoting or demoting members without ...
gonzaga777's Fan Club
Heyy guys!Welcome for my club!🥰🥰 I hope that u have fun❤️❤️ OMG Please!!!
The Praxis of Chess
We Are THE PRAXIS OF CHESS and we will be focussing on how we can play chess better together!! Praxis means the putting into practice things which ...
Maus MS Club
For the students of Maus Middle School
SV Botwinnik
De groep voor alle Botwinnik leden, ex-leden en sympathisanten.
Welcome to our club, we are an international, active, and competitive club. We play daily matches in both categories, standard and 960 chess, and a...
Team Kazan
Доброго времени суток. Мы активно ищем участников и приглашаем Вас присоединиться к команде Team Kazan. Наша команда - одна из новых русских городс...
Team Brazil Live
Team Brazil Live é o clube que representa o Brasil nas competições ao vivo, em equipe, entre nações, nos ritmos bullet, blitz e rapid, no momento e...
Chess Club Batumi_Nona
In dialogue with life, it is not her question that matters, but our answer!
Crimea team
CRIMEA is UKRAINE! Любимо Крим, любимо Україну!   Qırım sevmek, Ukraina sevmek! Любим Крым, любим Украину!      We love Crimea, we love Ukraine!
İBB Spor İstanbul
Chess 960 Tournament... Satranç 960 Turnuvası...
Ethan Hans friend club
please join this club 
Любители Гарри Поттера
Всем привет! Любители Гарри Поттера заходите!  
Minneapolis, Minnesota
This is a group a friendly players whose location or zip code is set to Minneapolis, Minnesota or nearby suburbs – west of Mississippi River....
Команда победителей школы шахмат ChessMaster
Команда школы шахмат ChessMaster, среди учеников годового курса "Школа Победителей"
Northeast Coast Tournament Meetup
                                            People who play in the east coast tournaments and especially the Continental Ches...
Team anime and manga
Hola a todos, este grupo es para todos los fanáticos del anime-manga- novelas ligeras y, por supuesto, del ajedrez. Se puede escribir en español e ...
Team Top 1 Intenational
  You will no regrets about a club This CLB is good   We need good player just like y...