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The chessy coffee cat team
Hello! This club is good because it is friendly, and fun. When we have enough people, we will start doing matches and vote chess. Please consider j...
North Carolina  USA
This is an active group for players in, or from, the state of North Carolina. If you request to join the club - state your NC connection. Otherwise...
Charm City Chess Club
The Charm City Chess Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our Baltimore chess club meets each Sunday at the THB Bagelry and Deli of Charles ...
Private club (by invitation only) for Partnered Streamers. For information on becoming a Streamer please go to
Nikki's Chess Club
Hey you!   My name is Nikki and I’m a full time Chess Streamer on TWITCH ! We have Arena Thursdays, Viewer Game Review Sundays and many more even...
Scuola Italiana di scacchi
Gruppo in cui si raccolgono le lezioni gratuite: da principiante a terza categoria nazionale. Corso di scacchi e molto altro Le richieste di iscri...
Official Embassy of Mars
For those who are tired of Earthly squabbles and dramas, for those who are looking for the vast expanses of space and freedom, our club offers a co...
Family and Friends with You
Your fee to be you dont hide and u can talk about whatever and make friends. You can rp or whatever, and have fun....
Shadow Wolf
  Hello there. I invite you to join the Shadow Wolf club.  We have Jobs, Live matches, Vote Chess, Daily Matches, and fun Activities.  There are ...
Team Norway
Bli med i Team Norway som har representert Norge i Europaligaen og Verdensligaen siden 2008! Delta i interne turneringer og spill online, vote ches...
The Chess Sporties
~It all begins with a question. Am I capable? Am I worthy? Or why should I join this club? There are many clubs better and Stronger! ~ Hello there...
Ajedrez  Alegría
-Hola!  te invitamos a unirte a nuestro club, Ajedrez Alegría. Buscamos personas activas, alegres y con muchas ganas de jugar ajedrez. En el 2023 e...
South Carolina USA
A place for people from the greatest state in the land to meet and play team matches.
309 Community Club
A chess club for the community!
Covington Chess Club
Welcome to our new Covington Chess Club!  Here you may play against each other and practice your strategies between meetings.  Please remember to b...
Chess royal
Bienvenue à la Chess royal👑 !  Chaque semaines, des tournois et des matchs seul ou en équipe sont à votre disposition pour pouvoir jouer des parti...
join our club you could be the chosen one!. this club has weekly in-club tournament anyone who wins that tournament gets to be admin for a week, vo...
Lettuce Romaine Calm
This is a goofy clan of people mildly interested in chess and lettuce. We talk about random lettuce related conspiracy theories (why do these exist...
Bahrain Chess Team
Bahrain Chess Team: The official representative of The Arab League Championship. Are you interested in learning how to play chess? Would you like t...
Club closed- Do not reopen- Action by staff- Abusereport - ECA
Hi there, You are cordially invited to join "Excellence Chess Academy"   About Us - ECA is an open, free & official chess community of chess...
Mq University Chess Society
Macquarie University Chess Society!
Want to improve at chess? Many players spent countless hours on chess without seeing much progress at all.  They are stuck at the same level for ...
UniFi ChessClub
Gruppo scacchistico dell'Università di Firenze.