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Chess University - Singapore
Chess University Affiliate Club for residents of Singapore who wish to improve at chess. This club serves to help the local chess community organi...
Exton Chess Club
Exton Chess Club is a USCF affiliated club in PA serving chess lovers in and around 20 miles of Exton, WestChester, Downingtown, Malvern, chestersp...
"Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" is a TV anime that has been broadcast in Japan since April 2019. The main character, Tanjiro Kamado, joins the Dem...
Club IES el Tablero
Club de ajedrez del IES El Tablero.
Team Australia-Sydney NSW
G'Day.  You're invited to join one of the best teams in Oz. Sydney-NSW.  Join us in our quest for glory as we fight to win promotion in the Worl...
Team Jordan and Friends
                            This is the official national team of The                   Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan And their friends. This team...
Europe National Team
Here is your personal invitation to join Europe National Team. The purpose to rebuild this Club is to bring all European countries chess players to...
A.C. Milan
Ti invitiamo a disputare la Serie A TIM - Lega Nazionale Professionisti - International Chess Division - We are an open, active and competitive spo...
White_Ghost and friends
Hello! Please join our club. This club has many overpowered players. We have several titled masters and another batch of 2000+s.  We are very act...
Boris Spassky Chess Club
Our group is very strong and has a median average of 1760 and participates in several bandages, a championship of teams in the championship of the ...
Academic Chess and Strategic Kids
Open to all Academic Chess & Strategic Kids Students.
Stolper Verein
Welcome to the Stolper Verein club  Here we play team matches and tournaments. These provide a great learning environment and provide for some dis...
Club of Numbers
Do you like chess, do you like numbers, do you like nice players? This is your place to go! We are a new great club and we grow constantly.We wou...
B1ZHUB Printing Press
If you want to join, please pm an admin or super admin for why you want to join and wait for them to approve you. Most other requests otherwise wil...
Nazi Paikidze Chess Club
The Nazi Paikidze Chess Club welcomes you. Nazi Paikidze is a Georgian American chess player who holds the FIDE titles of International Master (...
Boca Juniors
El equipo más grande de la Argentina, la mitad mas uno!! El rincon de los Xeneizes. Group about the principal Argentinian soccer team.
Torre Attack Chess Club
Welcome to this club: (You can communicate in English or Spanish) In this space we can share our love for chess with: -Daily matches -Vote mat...
Improve your chess
My name is Kyrylo Demchenko, I am the chess coach and this group was created for my students only, like place where they will able to play in tourn...
𝐂𝐚𝐬𝐬'𝐬 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞
this is just a place to chat and have fun, and our super admins and admins make new events weekly. join if you're interested
This is the official group for YEMEN, which plays in the Arabian League and Asian League . It is established for only Yemeni players, so only playe...
DinoChessaur 1st Club
A fun Club for tournaments and Chilling.
 Chess enthusiastic. A Group of myths, Legendary chess master's, advance, and Beginners united as one. A  group of chess lovers united as one , one...
Obsessive Chess Disorder.
  We are a small group of very active chess obsessed members, all levels are welcome; however, membership is limited to 200 to ensure a personal,...