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The Eevee Lovers
Join to learn how your club can get a free neon banner like the one below! If you like to play chess and like Eevee, then join this club! However,...
Ajedrez en Español
Ajedrez en Español nace con la intención de reunir en un mismo equipo a todos los usuarios de que utilizan el español para comunicarse. E...
Welcome to CuteChess Club! members get featured on the website!Public site : How to get in: -Be cute -Be good
Club de Ajedrez de Luisón
Bienvenido a mi club. Si formas parte de él podrás participar en los torneos que organizaremos para entrenar un poco y animar los shows de http://t...
California Unicorns
California Unicorns PCL Arena Royale club. Only registered players will be admitted.
Team Germany
"This is the group representing Germany in the World League and European League. Members can only play and represent one Country in these...
Verinite Chess Championship 2023
Official club for Verinite Chess Championship 2023 managed by VSA
Zimbabwe Chess Kings and Queens
New team for all Zimbabwean Chess lovers. We play team matches, votechess and league Championships (including TMCL, TMCL960 and CLUB CHES...
Deutsche Meisterschaften
Unsere Live-Arenen: Blitz am Dienstag, Schnellschach am Samstag. Außerdem spielen wir in den Multi-Club-Arenen der ONE WORLD League.   Unser e...
Shadow Wolf
  Hello there. I invite you to join the Shadow Wolf club.  We have Jobs, Live matches, Vote Chess, Daily Matches, and fun Activities.  There are ...
Wizard Chess
We were inspired to create this group in honour of Harry Potter and the wonderful game called Wizard Chess.
Mechanics' Womens Club
This is for all the female players of the Mechanics' Institute. Please, include your full name when request to join!
Five Ways
The chess club for King Edwards VI Five Ways School
We Chat Global
We're a unique group with over 10,000 members from around the globe. We host the largest all women, teen, kids and men groups in
Team Australia - Perth W.A.
Team Australia - Perth W.A. is a club that represents Perth in the state of Western Australia.   We represent Perth in the World Cities League, ...
Indian Yogis
Indian Yogis PCL Arena Royale club. Only registered players will be admitted.
Champions Chess Tour 2023 - Play-In
Official Club for the Champions Chess Tour 2023 Play-In stage. Only Grandmasters and qualified players will be admitted. 
KT Chess - USCF Tounaments
Just a club that hosts USCF tournaments. To join, your username needs to be listed in your USCF profile so that I can verify your identit...
Ajedrez Divertido
¡Hola! En este club aprenderás y podrás jugar torneos, ajedrez por votos y encuentros diarios. Eres bienvenido, envía tu solicitud y te aceptaremos...
Want to improve at chess? Many players spent countless hours on chess without seeing much progress at all.  They are stuck at the same level for ...