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J. R. R. Tolkien Chess Team
This is a club that has Daily Matches and Vote Chess. Right now we are trying to get to 250 members, and can not do it unless YOU join.  Club Bann...
Scuola Italiana di scacchi
Gruppo in cui si raccolgono le lezioni gratuite: da principiante a terza categoria nazionale. Corso di scacchi e molto altro Le richieste di iscri...
Danzig Chess Club
An official chess club for a lego group.
Amizade Brasil
Somos um Clube de Xadrez para Brasileiros. Nosso objetivo é jogar Xadrez e se divertir com respeito e honestidade e fazer amizades. Jogamos todas a...
Team Australia-Adelaide SA
This club represents Adelaide in the State of South Australia. We represent the Capital city of Adelaide in the  'World Cities League' and 'Citi...
The Good Luck Chess Club
I will send you a trophy when you join this club… good luck!!
The Steven He Fan Club
If you like Steven He, then this is the club for you. Please join my club, I would really appreciate it. - oboedatreenut; Super Admin, The Steven ...
R.J. GREY Chess Club
Only for those who I talked to about.
Franchesco Chess Club
"Franchesco Chess Club" is created at 22.02.2023 and We play Daily matches, Live tournaments, Vote chess and chat at the club.  Warning: Rasicm, ...
Philippine Club International
We intend to create a gaming environment for Filipino players here as well as those who live and work abroad, and we would, of course, like to invi...
Team Iowa
Folks with roots sunk into the Heartland of America. The homebase of honesty, morals, and scrupples. We are America and what it stands for. Work...
1A1 oh Motorwelt F M
 Est tu aussi mordu par le virus des Échecs ♟ ??? Alors devenir membre de notre club est la SOLLUTION !!! 🍀 L’union fait la FORCE 🍀🚴‍♀️🍀 Are you co...
Slovenska liga
Vsetky informacie o Slovenskej lige. / All information about the Slovak League.
Svenska Schackligan
Välkommen till Svenska Schackligans klubb på! Vill du delta i Svenska Schackligan behöver du gå med i den här klubben med ditt
Este é o grupo Moçambique no Todos membros Moçambicanos em qualquer lugar no Mundo são bem vindos ao grupo.   Juntos formaremos uma te...
495 Achievement Hunters
Join if you want all of the achievements on
Mechanics' Womens Club
This is for all the female players of the Mechanics' Institute. Please, include your full name when request to join!
Tayside Fife and Stirlingshire
We are looking for and would welcome any players from, or with clan connection to, ancestry to, or working/living in The city of Dundee, Stirli...
Team Azerbaijan
Bu, Azərbaycandan olan və Azərbaycanla bağlı olan şahmatçıların bir araya gəldiyi komandadır. Şahmat insanları birləşdirən böyük qüvvədir. Bizim əs...
Glory of Red Green
Play for pride and glory. Your attitude, game play, and Fair Play all represent your country. So, do well and show the Chess World what you can do....
RG Schach
Das ist der offizielle Schachklub des RG Lambachs.