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Crystals Cavern
Crystal's club for friends and acquaintances; Join if you want! Eventually we will play some vote chess and matches if we have enough members.
Team Buenos Aires Buenos Aires, es un equipo para ajedrecistas que viven en la Provincia o...
Chess by Lauren
This is the official chess club of Coach Lauren Goodkind.
Team Saudi Arabia
This is Saudi Arabia Team
Crimea team
CRIMEA is UKRAINE! Любимо Крим, любимо Україну!   Qırım sevmek, Ukraina sevmek! Любим Крым, любим Украину!      We love Crimea, we love Ukraine!
Tania Sachdev Chess Prodigy
Let us DANCE on the chess board by spreading some GREAT SPORT SPIRIT to farmost area of Tania Sachdev (born 20 August 1986) is an Indian...
Pandita's Club
Club hecho para eventos del canal
Cincinnati Chess Club
Online presence of Cincinnati Chess Club. Meets in Deer Park, Ohio, Thursdays, 6:30-11:00 p.m. during normal times.   
AFC Bournemouth
Please allow me to introduce AFC Bournemouth. We are a friendly but very active group that caters for players of all levels from beginner to expert...
인터내셔널 체스 클럽
이 클럽에서는 팀 일일 경기도 플레이 하고 누구보다도 제가 열심히 활동하겠습니다. 누구든지 참여할 수 있는 이 클럽에 많이 참여해 주세요!
Lile Koridze fan club
Hello everyone,welcome in my fan club  Here you will be able to play in tournaments which I will create.  Watch me in live:
Cat fan Club
Hello, user of, I see you haven't joined yet. Well, that's fine, but after reading this, you may want to join.  1. This club is for all ...
🌸Hello Friend🌸 You are invited to join AWESOME_960 club which offers the opportunity to improve your game as part of our team. Share your knowledg...
Brentford FC
Premier League - Hello, we are reinforcing all the lines of play at all levels of our Club and you were chosen, we hope you will join our first div...
Enjoying a Wonderfultime
Join IM Minh Le for some viewers arena and having fun! 
Team Australia-Adelaide SA
This club represents Adelaide in the State of South Australia. We represent the Capital city of Adelaide in the  'World Cities League' and 'Citi...
Chess Nerds 101
This is a club for all people who are obsessed with chess and would love to play lots of Daily Matches and Vote Chess Games plus frequent Daily T...
Club de M + A
 Bonjour 🍀🤞🏾🍀Bonjour Ici Brussel  !!  🍀🌹🍀 Inspired by a Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel.  
Team Palestine
This is the one and only OFFICIAL GROUP for all Palestine chessplayers, as well as for all those lovers and supporters of Palestine from right arou...
Шахматный клуб для школьников (админ -  FM Айвар Раудиве). Šaha klubs skolēniem (admins - FM Aivars Raudive). Chess Club for Schoolchildren (admi...
Kyiv Chess Club
Team of the capital of Ukraine. The city of Kyiv was founded in 482 A.D. — Команда столиці України. Місто Київ було засноване у 482 році. Приймаєм...
Federación Dominicana de Ajedrez
Club oficial de la Federación Dominicana de Ajedrez.
NFL Football Fans
A place for all American Football fans to hang out, chat, chill, and watch the games! We have a scoreboard updating weekly, prizes for correctly ca...
Ladies and Gentlemen's club
Welcome to the Ladies and Gentlemen's club we're focus are on Team matches. Vote chess, 960 and making friend's from all around the world. As of no...