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Lancashire Lads and Lasses
Who are we? We are the official Lancashire team participating in the county championships!! What will you expect when you join? A bunch ...
Good Chess
Get better at chess with us here, Play matches or in a tournament, We are in the top 60 in Vote chess! Get a higher rating here! We are also part o...
Club de Ajedrez Siete Picos
Club primerizo explorando el universo ajedrecístico.
Chess University - Morocco
Chess University Affiliate Club for residents of Morocco who wish to improve at chess. This club serves to help the local chess community organize ...
LK ChessMates
The LinkedKey ChessMates Club.
Haileybury College
For the Haileybury College community, based in Melbourne. 
NMIMS Chess Club
Chess के चोदे…
Etro Chess Army
This is a great club. Please join this club for more club matches. Make this army powerful and big. My target is to reach 75 members. Please help t...
The American chess club
If you like active chess clubs, look no further! We hold elections for admins, live matches, and tournaments. Please consider joining our club....
The Rainwings
This is a branch of The Fanwings club Note: You can only join this club if you are sorted into this club. To be sorted, join The Fanwings.
ADFA Chess Club
Welcome to our chess VECC, where pawns are people too and kings can be toppled with a flick of a wrist! We’re a group of chess enthusiasts who love...
Chess Heroes Club
Learn with fun
Chess Is Cheese
Almost everyone likes cheese right? We are here to let players play chess and eat other clubs like cheese. The first 10 players who join this club...
Win Diamond - Platinum and Gold Membership Here
  The "Win Diamond - Platinum and Gold Membership Here"club is in desperate need for a member of your Rapid rating who needs membership! You'...
Christian Chess Community
Statement of Beliefs We are a group of Christians that consider ourselves to be Disciples of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to reflect Christ in our liv...
Team Missouri
Representing Missouri in's US Team Chess League, this is a group for people born in the Great State of Missouri, or a resident thereof. W...
"Ready to put your chess skills to the test? Join us for a virtual battle of the minds!" "Want to prove that you're the ultimate chess champion? S...
- Always Take The Shot -
You’ve seen it a trillion times!!! Join this club, join that club, we have Matches, Vote Chess, blah, blah, blah!!! There are so many clubs on Ches...
Team Armenia
Team Armenia-միակ թիմն է, որը ներկայացնում է Հայաստանը Աշխարհի և Եվրոպայի պաշտոնական խաղերում: Team Armenia-ն Աշխարհի Լիգայի ամենաուժեղ՝ 1-ին դիվիզ...
Roman Empire of chess
Senatus PopulusQue Romanus my friends Welcome for everybody especially for those who are amazed by the Roman Empire. Welcome to the Roman Empire ...
Frogs Swamp
The main purpose of creating this club is yo absolutely destroy other clubs in daily matches, so feel free to pitch in if you want! Other than that...
Chapman University Chess Club
Chapman University's official chess club. Trying to bring chess to the Chapman community.