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Chess University - Ukraine
Chess University Affiliate Club for residents of Ukraine who wish to improve at chess. This club serves to help the local chess community organize ...
European League
The European League is the team match league for European national teams on This group is for admins and players of these teams.
Team Peru
"BIENVENIDOS AL TEAM PERÚ, LEGIÓN DE AJEDRECISTAS PERUANOS"    Únete también  al equipo en lichess a través de este enlace:
WELCOME to the Official Group! You've arrived at the one-stop place for All Things Here you can be notified of scheduli...
Chess with Mr. S School
Chess with Mr. S is a chess school focused on teaching the incredible game of chess to young minds in the right way! By never compromising on quali...
Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Original FIDE group. While FIDE CLUB is not directly affiliated with the official FIDE, it is a grou...
Place for Patzers
Welcome to the Place for Patzers! Be part of a great, kind, and active community, participate in weekly tournaments, and socialize with fellow ches...
Stockfish Free Chess Engine
Stockfish is a free and open-source chess engine, available for various desktop and mobile platforms. It is developed by Marco Costalba, Joona Kiis...
def Hippo
Are you interested in playing the Hippo? def Hippo is a club devoted to studying and playing the Hippo. We have resources and lots and lots of e...
Thomas Chess Training School
Anyone under 18 is welcome to join! The official learning online chess club for my students.  
Deutschsprachige Schachvereinigung
Dieser Club dient dazu, länderübergreifend im deutschen Sprachraum, miteinander Schach zu spielen, an Wettkämpfen teilzunehmen, sich auszutauschen ...
Admin Training Camp
This is going to be a closed group for people to join to get top quality admin / super admin training. I have been a Super Admin and admin for over...
Pomorze Polska
Welcome to Pomorze Polska club  Here we play team matches, vote chess, and tournaments. And as we grow we will add live Bullet, Blitz, and Rapid e...
Améliorez vos échecs
Salut! Dans ce club, on joue les tournois en direct samedi soir à 20:00, pour aider tous les membres à progresser aux échecs! Après le tournoi le...
Quench Your Thirst
This club is an alcohol free zone with ANY other beverage possible.    Coffee, Tea, Water, Juice, Energy Drinks ? Etc.   Please be friendly and...
Custom Positions Club
Have you ever been messing around with an empty board and adding pieces to it, then trying to play that position with your friends or an engine? We...
Sa wat dee krap everyone! Please consider joining our THAILAND Team! This group represents the Kingdom of Thailand in both the World League and ...
Prospect Park Chess Club
This chess club is for people throughout Brooklyn and NYC who would like to play with other New Yorkers both online and in person.
Want to improve at chess? Many players spent countless hours on chess without seeing much progress at all.  They are stuck at the same level for ...
👓 Welcome, fellow Whovian, to the Doctor Who! group. 👔 We play Team Match, Vote, and 960, as well as any other wibbly wobbly chessy-wessy things we...
From the land of Dracula, we bring you good wishes !  The team is open primarily for chess players born or residing in Transylvania (Ardeal), Roman...
Sheemiee's Chess Club
Chess. // If you're purchasing a membership please use my link!
Transport Logistic Wanderers
Everyone can take part in this group, especially those chess players that are interested or involved in the Transport service. Drivers, loaders, pi...
Chess Paradise...
A club for future Grandmasters!
Springer Niedersachsen
Springer Niedersachsen ist ein Regionalverein für Menschen in und aus Niedersachsen. Gemeinsam mit anderen Regionalvereinen spielt er in der DMM un...