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22-23 Enlightium Chess Club
This club is for students in grades 6-12 at Enlightium Academy, a virtual Christian school.
Gay Chess Players
If you are part of the GLBT community and you play chess, please join us. We also accept friends that support us to join us as well. We aren't a...
Circolo Scacchi Cirié
Club riservato a soci, ex soci ed amici del Circolo Scacchi Cirié Sede: Via Luigi Cibrario 16, c/o Istituto Troglia, Cirié map:
Tigran Petrosian Club
"Caution is inherent in my own nature, I don't generally like situations that involve risk" - Tigran Petrosian, 1966
VGP Series
Diese Club ist für die Regeln, Ergebnisse usw. der vayosalaplaya Grand Prix series. Dies wird alles im Forum gepostet. This club is for the rules,...
Black Stone
At various stages of human history, an extraterrestrial black monolith appeared at a place, triggering a huge shift in evolution. The black stone g...
Dnepr ChessClub
Клуб международного гроссмейстера Геннадия Михайловича Гутмана и его ученицы Анастасии Васильевны
- King Of The Hill Team -
Bonjour à tous et bienvenue à la king of the hill team! La king of the hill team est un club extrêmement actif qui organise des tournois, des part...
Normal club
Hello, we are an active club in daily matches and we have ongoing matches. If you have the desire and time to join directly in the matches, you are...
" MALDIVES " This is the group representing Maldives in the World League and other tours. It is for all those who would like to...
New Jersey Chess Team
This is a group for all those on who currently live in or are former residents of New Jersey. We primarily compete in the US Team Chess L...
Ritzentum Schachturnier nr.1
Der offizielle Club für das interne Ritzentum-Schachturnier!
Karpov Chess Club - Karachi
For chess enthusiasts of Karachi only, join us here or over the board at our Club.
Open Discussion
Open Discussion (“OD”) is a highly active group allowing its members to discuss more controversial topics, including political and religious ones, ...
Ohio State Buckeyes Chess Club
This is the official chess club page for Chess Club at the Ohio State University! Feel free to join our discord at
1st Congress of the Supreme Soviets of the Great Redpawnist Union
This is the 1st congress of the soviet of redpawn! Are allowed only governement members and people allowed!
UT Dallas Chess Club
The Official UT Dallas Club Page Follow Us On Twitch - -
E.S Nicosia
A community of chess enthusiasts in Nicosia, Cyprus
This group is the Friendship Club of LinFeng Chess Library. Master LinFeng and the library approve and support its operation. On July 25, 2019, th...
Vojvodina Tim
Dobrodošli u Vojvodina Tim! Tim pozitivne energije, dobrog druženja i odličnog šaha. U našem timu se redovno igraju "dnevne partije" protiv najja...
Not-So PRO Chess League[Requirements: 3 months of, 100+ Rated Rapid games] Enjoyed the PRO Chess League...
2,449 - Ukrainian
Офіційний клуб ChessTV - Українська. Посилання на мовлення:'s official club for Ukraine. Streams at
American Group
This is a group for the Americans of We're playing many vote chess games and team matches, and more are always starting. This team is op...
Hi! We invite you to join: "The Power of Chess" We have been #1 of both the Vote Chess and Team Chess leaderboards. Currently we are working to reg...