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Chess Poland
Proszę dołącz. To Polska drużyna która potrzebuje wszystkich Polaków. 
Principauté de Monaco
Bienvenue!  For all players who have a connection to Monaco Pour tous les joueurs ayant une connexion à La Principauté de Monaco Vous êtes dan...
Jamaica College
Jamaica College Chess Club
Westdale Chess Club
Weekly school Swiss-system tournaments. All activities are currently online.
Chess Champ
Hi and welcome! Here is your personal invitation to join our group Chess Champ! It would be an honor and a pleasure for us if you join our amazin...
Crypto H.B Friends
We are a group of crypto friends who also love chess. If you share the same loves too, join our club for chatting on crypto and chess, for nice gam...
Confederação Brasileira de Xadrez
 Bem-vindo ao clube oficial da Confederação Brasileira de Xadrez!    Nossa missão é capacitar as pessoas, enriquecer vidas e melhorar as comunid...
Liga MX
Solo para Administradores de los Estados de Mexico agrupados en Regiones : CDMX, CENTRO NORTE DE MEXICO, OESTE, ORIENTE, NORESTE, NOROESTE, SUR y S...
Dubai Chess Club
Dubai Chess and Culture Club was established in 1979 as a part of the UAE Chess Federation and was officially recognized as an independent entity i...
The Guinness Suppers
  For all those who love a pint of the black gold. Or those who like a beverage and a chat. We play chess in friendly environment.
THE ALBANIANS This is the group representing Albania on the World League and Europe League .Players from Rep.of Alba...
Shrek's Cult
this club is all about now join this club for the sake of God @Valkyrhey the Goddess of weirdness (said no one ever)  our club's aim: become ...
Vote Chess Fans Club
I decided to create this club to encourage players who like to play chess by vote. The vote chess game is a great tool to learn, apply tactics, des...
Team Ghana
This is the group representing ''GHANA'' in the World League. It is for all those who would like to participate in World League Match Pla...
Chess phase
Клуб является ответвлением Шахматной Школы Анатолия Терехина (г. Пермь, ул. Куйбышева 54). В клуб принимаем по рекомендациям тренеров. Аналогичный ...
👓 Welcome, fellow Whovian, to the Doctor Who! group. 👔 We play Team Match, Vote, and 960, as well as any other wibbly wobbly chessy-wessy things we...
Kepler - TPS Tournaments
Tournements Between TPS Chess and Kepler Chess Take Place Here. Prizes include: 1. $5 Microsoft Gift Card2. $5 XBOX Gift Card3. XBOX Game Pass (1 m...
Queen Sacrifice
Chess is a beautiful game. Explore it with us. Join the small family of chess players . Crush your over opponents over the board and have a drink ...
chess champion 21
Hey guys!! Welcome to our club!  Please support us by joining and enjoying. Have fun......... Club owner : @RKruthik  
Isechess Salut, vous regardez la description d'un club actif, avec beaucoup de matchs et 2 tournois hebdomadaires par semaines. Merci à vous si v...