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The team is representing Belarus in the World League and European League. We welcome everyone from Belarus, from the people who started c...
The Agents Of Chess
Come join! We are a friendly community with a lot of stuff going on here! Here are reasons on why you SHOULD join!  1. We are the #1 most positive...
The RickRollers
Just love to rickroll people?bJoined this community with full of rick rollers, people who love to rick roll, and create friends who have similar in...
Szachowa społeczność związana z portalem Infoszach. Naszym celem jest promocja królewskiej gry w Polsce. W tym klubie spodziewajcie się informacji...
SK Youtube Official Club
This is the Official Club of SK on YouTube I post content such as opening traps, gambits,  tactics, and much more! Check out my channel: Click he...
Team Sicilia
This Group is a Sicilian Group and can just Sicilian People entry...... Ciao, ho fatto un piccolo Gruppo in cui tutti i siciliani possono far parte...
Recuperarea adevărului istoric și a identității naționale reale, conservarea valorilor superioare ale neamului nostru ca și dezvoltarea lui armonio...
Greek Arena-Τουρνουά Ελλάδος
Αμιγώς Ελληνική ομάδα . Ορος ένταξης στην ομάδα μας η αγάπη για το σκάκι σαν άθλημα και πνευματικό παιχνίδι. Σεβασμός στους συμπαίκτες και αντιπάλο...
Afghanistan Team
salams to all this team represent our country Afghanistan on so please join the team.
Fischer chess club Mumbai
Fischer Chess Club Mumbai
570 - Types
Come to Club - TypesWhen joining the club you will be able to play chess games:Voting Chess, Daily Matches, Tournaments of every variatio...
Team Iraq
تحية طيبة نرحب بجميع الراغبين للإنضمام لفريق العراق للشطرنج بصرف النظر عن إنتماءاتهم الدينية أو القومية. الكل هنا أصدقاء والحديث يسوده جو الود والإ...
Squadron Commandos
 Greetings    I would like to share with you a unique opportunity that exists among a tightknit core group of "Soldiers" who are actively seeking ...
Creative Chess Beasts
Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting our club profile.    Since we don't have enough members, we will need your precious support to take part in the ...
STC Round Robins
A club for Round Robin tournaments at slow time controls (G60+30 and G90+30). We offer double round robin tournaments with 4 players and 6 players....
32's - India
Hello. If you are viewing this message, You have been recruited to join the's - India. We all hope that everyone join us...................
The cool rickrollers
rickroll We want to rickroll the world! Partner club: 
Winning may be the goal, but playing the game is the reward. The Knights goal is to set up fair Team Matches, and everyone play their best.
Minnesota State Chess Association
This the official group for the Minnesota State Chess Association (MSCA). The MSCA is the state affiliate to the United States Chess Federation (US...
Chanakya Chess Club
Hello everyone! This is the official club of Chanakya Chess Club(CCC). We have been in this field for 13 years. Chanakya Chess Club is a profession...