@chessbot - The Chess.com Bot for Slack

@chessbot - The Chess.com Bot for Slack‎

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If you use Slack and have a Chess.com account, you can now easily connect them and get some cool functionality inside of Slack!

Head on over to Slack and check out our new @chessbot

The best way to get started is to hit @chessbot help and get a list of options:

Chess.com Bot
Need some help? Check out the options below!
help - All available commands.
me - Displays all stats for the user you've associated with your slack handle.
play - Create a random daily chess or live chess seek directly from Slack.
profile username - Returns public profile information for a Chess.com member.
puzzle - Today's Daily Puzzle & a random-one!
stats username - Returns stats for a Chess.com member.
support - Need help? Get quick links to submit a support ticket & search support articles.
today - Latest News Stories, Articles, and Videos!

Learn more about the Chess.com Chessbot App for Slack here.

Or, install it directly:

Add to Slack




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