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With University's first online chess camp (with Gelfand!) only two weeks away, we would like to reveal a few of our lecture topics:

- ABCs of Successful Planning

- Mastering Analysis and Evaluation

- Calculating Like a Master

- Efficiently Working on Chess Improvement and Tournament Preparation

- Positional Elements of Exchange Sacrifices

- Exploiting the Two Bishop Advantage Like a Grandmaster

- Prophylaxis: Preventing What Your Opponent Wants

- Punishing Premature Pawn Storms and Overextended Pawn Structures


These are just few of the lecture topics our instructors will discuss. Camp students will have plenty of time to ask questions, practice solving problems with masters to learn how they think, and work on additional exercises afterwards.

Those who have registered for the camp may send up to three of their past games if they are relevant to any of the above-mentioned topics. For example, if you gained the bishop pair advantage but weren't sure what to do with it, this would be a game you could send us. Instructors may include these games in their lectures as examples when relevant. Games may be submitted by emailing the PGN files to between now and June 27th, 2014.

Please see our official camp announcement before reading on unless if you've already done that:


Registration Deadline:

Registration ends at midnight PDT on July 1st, 2014. The fastest way to purchase the camp by going through PayPal checkout:

You may use PayPal balance or a credit/debit card to purchase this camp using PayPal checkout.

Late registration is open from July 2nd till midnight PDT on July 5th. Tuition will increase to $325 during the late registration period.


Referral Discount

Bring in more campers! For each camper you successfully refer to our live, 5-day camp, you receive a $30 discount off of your own purchase! Tell your friends and fellow chess players about our camp. Tell them to message GeniusKJ and include your username after they purchase the camp that way we know who to give credit for the referral. Referral discounts will be processed as partial refunds during first week of July.


3-Day Option:

We are offering a 3-day option (July 9th-11th, 2014) for our chess camp. Under this option, students would miss the first two days of the camp including GM Boris Gelfand's lecture. Students taking the 3-day version of the camp would not be guaranteed a simul seat. 3-day option students get to participate in all activities from July 9th to July 11th as regular camp students. The 3-day option is great for those who are playing in the World Open, which slightly conflicts with our chess camp.

Tuition for the 3-day option is $190 if paid by July 1st, 2014. Message GeniusKJ on if you would like to purchase the 3-day option.


Purchasing Video Recordings:

Some individuals may prefer to simply purchase the video recordings and go through the material at their leisure. We will make video recordings available for purchase after the camp is over. Message GeniusKJ if you are interested in purchasing the video recordings.

If you have further questions, you may message Kairav Joshi or comment on this news post.

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Towards the end of 2014, I created the Prodigy Program which today is Chess University's flagship offering as well as the world's undisputed #1 chess course. Five-time World Chess Champion GM Viswanathan Anand started teaching in the Prodigy Program in 2016 and has been helping Chess University / revolutionize online chess learning since then. In 2017, 13th World Champion Anatoly Karpov taught a live lesson in the Prodigy Program.


Instructors formally or presently associated with Chess University include: Five-time World Champion GM Vishy Anand, 13th World Champion GM Anatoly Karpov, GM Boris Gelfand, GM Alexei Shirov, GM Roman Dzindzichashvili, GM Alex Yermolinsky, GM Erwin l'Ami, IM Mark Dvoretsky, IM Nazi Paikidze, IM Kostya Kavutskiy, IM Daniel Rensch, IM David Pruess, FM Dalton Perrine, FM Elliott Liu, FM Arne Jochens, Kairav Joshi, and many others. 

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