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Many University students have had trouble creating, viewing, and editing PGN files. Students have also struggled at installing and using chess engines in Fritz and/or Chessbase.

These days, it is very useful to know how to use programs such as Fritz and ChessBase (or ChessBase Reader). Such programs can be used to analyze positions, store and annotate games, create PGN or FEN files to send to others, etc. These and other similar programs come with a database of grandmaster games as well as an "opening book."

Since being proficient with chess technology is very useful for tournament players and a prerequisite for many future University courses, I have decided to teach a short seminar on this topic:

Chess Technology 101:

Using Fritz and ChessBase Reader to Analyze Games and Create PGN Files


Instructor: Kairav Joshi

Target Audience: Anybody needing help with Fritz, Chessbase Reader, or other similiar programs.

When: Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 at 3:00 PM PDT (Pacific Time USA/Canada).

Format: The seminar consists of a live 1-hour session broadcasted using LiveStream.


Course Description:

In this seminar, students will learn how to use Fritz and the free ChessBase Reader. Download ChessBase Reader if you don't own Fritz or ChessBase:

Topics Covered:

- How to download, install, and run a chess engine.

- Learn what the engine is telling you. Depth? -0.41? etc?

- How to enter a game, annotate, save, etc.

- How to copy chess position diagrams.

- What are PGN and FEN files and how to create, copy, paste, and edit them.

- How to view, store, and email PGN files without using any chess software.

- Using a chess database and opening book.


Tuition: $10 (includes video recording)

Registration: members may pay for this seminar using PayPal balance or a credit/debit card by using this link:

Simply log in and pay if you have a PayPal account. Otherwise, on the bottom-right of the screen, click on "Pay with a debit or credit card."

Send a message to GeniusKJ on after purchasing this seminar. In this message, please provide your name and email address. This step is required to complete registration.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

The seminar will be taught on a livestream channel. University seminars are interactive so students may ask questions.

Students will also receive a video recording of the seminar! 

If you have further questions, you may message Kairav Joshi or comment on this news post.

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