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Once upon a time, chess was a game for kings! How irresistible it is to note that this graceful and imaginative game indeed inherited a touch of nobility. Everything about this game was carefully crafted yet, what brings it to life is two creative opponents with particular styles. Unfortunately, nowadays some players even try to memorize deep opening lines as if trying to recreate, almost duplicate, an existing game. Chess is not about memorizing deep opening lines! Even computers can not duplicate the beauty of chess! So let’s not mechanize every move... as if taken from a computer’s database.

What do you see when you observe a classic game of chess? Some people say that chess is like a battle, and the chessboard is the battlefield. But, something is not fair about this description. Chess is not about war. It is not about winning at all cost. Behind every move is the gentle touch of an artist and the articulation of a masterful tactician. If you look carefully, chess is an art! And, art is about bringing things to life! So, what is most impressive about this game is not the end result but, the different styles displayed by brilliant tacticians or chessmen...

So what happened to this artistic touch? Do you believe that the different styles of previous Grandmasters are no match for 21st century thinking machines...? Let’s not exaggerate but this man vs. machine is either becoming a real issue, or it is just someone’s magnetic fantasy! Sometimes it feels like this 'game of chess' is being taken over by a robotic psychopath... a thinking machine that does nothing other than calculate it’s way to becoming a stubborn and uncompromising metallic champion.

Slow down you idiot! You stupid machine! Chess is an art!  -KnightPawn28


Note- "Do not let these mechanical monsters devour your every move..." -KnightPawn28 

By the way, do you know who the MOZART OF CHESS is? My guess also would have been Bobby Fisher. Not a bad guess!

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