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Life and chess...

I learned how to play chess when I was 19 years of age. Before this, the first time I saw people playing a game called chess was at school, when I was only ten. So, was it a coincidence that I would cross roads again with 'chess' at this stage in my life... yet I would be called a beginner? This is the appropriate term for someone who had almost no previous knowledge of this game.

Nobody formally introduced me to this game. I learned how to play from computer software. And, for the first few years most of my playing time was against a computer. So, as a beginner, my first lesson was that I would be loosing a lot. And, for someone who hated loosing, this was a big lesson. A man has to learn how to control his emotions, something that computers lack... When I think about it, IT IS IN FACT A STUPID MACHINE. Not only because Kasparov said so, but because IT DOES NOT KNOW WHEN TO QUIT!   

My second big lesson was to learn how to play this complex game, yet a game which turns out to be quite simple when you grasp the concepts of 'development, king safety, gaining space, sacrifices and gaining time'. And, of course, the objective of the game is to 'checkmate the opponent's king'. SIMPLE!!!

So, what characteristics do you think apply to chess that are in fact realities of everyday life? Is it the rules (these are the bodies of law), restrictions (these are the boundaries or limits we are confined to), roles (these are specific positions held in a hierarchy), sacrifices (to suffer a loss for a much needed advantage)... Is it about competition, winning... Is it about personal goals... Is it about having fun, socializing, meeting new people who have a common interest? I can go on... and I am sure many of you can add to this list.

But, the truth is that chess challenges us to think a step further. Many individuals have the potential, others are naturally gifted, but very few are as sharp as Grand Masters in their proper domain. How many of us do you think are capable of consistently thinking several steps ahead, likeGrand Masters, in our every day lives? Let's not exaggerate! (It would simply be mind blowing...) Do not forget, it is not recommended that you play over 8 hours of chess daily. After all, life is about happiness, friendship, love and peace. So, if someone is 'mechanical-like' in this game called chess... tell him to cool off... life is about enjoying ourselves while learning...

And guess what! I RESIGN... from chess? No, because I know I can beat most of you without trying too hard. I hand in my resignation, in playing against a computer. IT IS PROGRAMMED TO WIN... IT GETS BETTER AND BETTER... BUT IT DOES NOT KNOW WHEN TO STOP... SO, DO NOT LET THIS MACHINE RIDICULE OUR HUMAN DIGNITY!  

"I am KnightPawn28. There is no age for chess yet, life is about... knowing when to quit."


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