ChessRules - 100 point race!

ChessRules - 100 point race!

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Taco123 breaks through the 1500 mark with this intensely tactical game!

Background:  Roughly a month ago, I reached a new high rating of 1780 at this same time my friend Taco123 reached a new high of 1380.  I proposed a race to increase our 'best' rating by over 100 points (most will understand this is a very difficult thing to do).  I was racing to 1900 while Taco123 raced towards 1500.

The Race:  So it began, I quickly reached 1850+ only to faulter below 1700 again, while Taco123 consistently, slowly moved forward. Yesterday, roughly a month after our challenge began Taco123 reached his finish line with a new best rating of 1501! 



The following is my analysis of Taco123's victorious, finish-line-crossing game.


Ratings are shaped by games like this one.

Moral:  After white played some overly-agressive moves black was winning.  After an intense middle-game, black was winning.  After black's blunder in the end, black was winning.  After black resigned, black was winning, but white had won. 

Taco123 displayed a perseverance and determination that is essential to becomming a strong chess player.  Even in the face of defeat... he fought.  Sometimes a game is clearly winning, or clearly losing; I believe it is how we approach and engage the games that are 'up-in-the-air' that swings our ratings
100 points up OR down.


CONGRATULATIONS ON 1500 Taco123!  This game proves you've earned it.

Thanks for a good race.

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