ChessRules - 1248 beats a 2220!

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I have always been told "you are under-rated", it is true, I lack consitency.  On this day I arrived at the a local chess tournament with a CFC-rating of 1248, after defeating a 1600, drawing a 1700 and beating an 1800 I was faced with Mr. Master rated 2220.  The final round... he may have underestimated me, but I played a near perfect game, and won! 


The Game Summery

In the openning black sacrafices a knight for a crazy attack after white commits an inaccuracy in the Sicilian.

White defends and manages to trade queens.  A Beauty of a finale, blacks knight creates a triple threat and white finds the only move to save the day!  (The position makes for a great chess puzzle, see if you can find whites move!)


I'm glad to have a cool place like to share this, I get excited just typing about it!



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