Daniel Naroditsky's Brilliant Moves On

Daniel Naroditsky's Brilliant Moves On

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GM Daniel Naroditsky,'s lead commentator, is known for his career as a strong player (2647 peak rating) and his ability to break down the game for audiences of all levels. From writing instructive articles to commentating on elite chess events to having played nearly 80,000 games on, his passion for the royal game could hardly be more apparent.

Check out this great video from FM James Canty III:

This article explores his most brilliant games played on Our Game Review feature flagged all brilliant (!!) moves, and I selected 10 top-notch examples. With more than 3,000 flagged games, he's played just short of 10,000 brilliant moves between blitz and bullet.

Naroditsky's Insights in blitz chess alone. He boasts another 3,000 brilliant moves in bullet.

In the examples below, we're not just talking about queen sacrifices—we're talking about throwing in the kitchen sink, the house, the keys, the dog, and the front doormat. As the games below demonstrate, "Danya" has a knack for combinational and combustive play, and I hope the selection below inspires you as much as it has me. 

The prophet. Photo: Benjamin Robson.

Carlsen-Naroditsky 2022

If you can defeat the world champion, you can defeat anybody. On October 12, 2022, our featured player faced GM Magnus Carlsen in a six-hour blitz match, which was decided 30.5-24.5 in favor of the Norwegian champion. That's not a bad margin for Naroditsky nevertheless, and surely both players remember the following game, where Naroditsky played two brilliant moves, sacrificing the exchange and then a piece to obliterate the hapless white king. 


Most chess players are happy to play a single brilliant move. Naroditsky has a few where he plays up to four, sometimes consecutively, in a single blitz game. In fact, in this one vs. GM Eric Hansen he chalks up five, but it doesn't make it into this selection.

GM lonelyqueen0 (a strong player's anonymous account) fell under a brutal attack: a rook sacrifice offered for two moves, followed by a knight sacrifice, followed by an exchange sacrifice. Game Review gives Naroditsky four brilliant moves in a row with a great move (!), the fifth, to finish the game. 

The creative mind, cradled in his hands. Photo: Benjamin Robson.

Tang-Naroditsky 2020

Against GM Andrew Tang, Naroditsky managed to pull off another four brilliant moves in one game, although sadly in this example they are not all consecutive. After already sacrificing a bishop and rook, he offers his second rook by move 24 (it cannot be taken) in a style reminiscent of the great GM Mikhail Tal

Naroditsky-Liang 2021

There is no shortage of games containing four brilliant moves. Playing against GM Awonder Liang, Naroditsky first plays to trap the black queen, but later transforms the time gained into an attack on the black king. Caution: if sacrifices make you uneasy, this may not be the game for you. 

A look of confidence and erudition. Photo: Benjamin Robson.

Jacobson-Naroditsky 2021

GM Brandon Jacobson is a talented, young grandmaster—I would know firsthand, as I've been on the receiving end of his brilliant tactical vision in tournaments in New Jersey since he was a teeny NM. But in the following game, experience prevailed as Naroditsky threw the kitchen sink at this young attacker's own king, notching three consecutive brilliant moves followed by a "great" one. 

Naroditsky-Kollars 2021

The next game, against GM Dmitrij Kollars, features a knight hanging on f5 for several moves, and its capture is playable on every move! This game has three brilliant moves in this game—the third ought to make you gasp.

Naroditsky reads a lot and knows many big words like "consternation" and "foible." Photo: Benjamin Robson.

Abdrlauf-Naroditsky 2021

Against IM Elham Abdrlauf (rated 2929), Naroditsky kicks off a combination with a beautiful clearance sacrifice (19...Bxc3!!) that seems to materialize out of the blue. A rook sacrifice and a knight sacrifice follow to ensnare the white king in the end. 

Norowitz-Naroditsky 2022

Considering how many games IM Yaacov Norowitz has played on, he loves playing just about as much as Naroditsky. He boasts over 70,000 games at the moment (and it will probably be much higher when you read this, future readers). In this game, Naroditsky sacrifices a bishop and two rooks over the course of a dizzying attack. 

Is the prophet himself consternated? Photo: Maria Emelianova/

Naroditsky-Martinez 2022

If you follow Titled Tuesday, Arena Kings, or virtually any event with titled players, you've probably seen GM Jose Martinez play. The Peruvian blitzer was on the receiving end of a brilliancy here, however, as he fell victim to a powerful bishop sacrifice followed by a queen sacrifice on the next move.

Le-Naroditsky 2021

We close our journey with the game that, in my opinion, has the best finale: three brilliant moves, played consecutively, against GM Tuan Minh Le, provocatively leaving his queen en prise on the last two moves.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you enjoyed it, learned from it, and are inspired to play brilliant chess in your own games! 

Please share in the comments below: Which do you think is the most brilliant game in this selection and why?

NM Anthony Levin

NM Anthony Levin caught the chess bug at the "late" age of 18 and never turned back. He earned his national master title in 2021, actually the night before his first day of work at

Anthony, who also earned his Master's in teaching English in 2018, taught English and chess in New York schools for five years and strives to make chess content accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages. At, he writes news articles and manages social media for chess24.





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