DiamondBase PRO by Chess Informant

DiamondBase PRO by Chess Informant

Aug 20, 2013, 12:00 AM 27,755 Reads 19 Comments Opening Theory

Chess Informant has launched new chess openings database system called DiamondBase PRO, that should compete with popular database choices on the market.php1zFRW8.png

What is all about?

We believe that Chess Informant database is first-rate chess database that can be found. All the games are annotated and most of the games are annotated by players themselves. It covers a period from 1966 to present time. It is constantly updated with every new Chess Informant, just like most recent Volume 117 - Jazz Edition. However, complete database is expensive and we think that the solution is in smaller databases. That's how DiamondBase PRO is born!

Now you can find your favorite opening line and get all games and variations by instant download, in three formats CBH, PGN and CA, which makes it readable in ChessBase, Chess Assistant or any PGN reader. It is hassle-free solution and, btw, we are offering CI Expert Lite as a freebie.

New download store is still in experimental phase (but fully functional!) and there are 22 DiamondBases, but hundreds more are yet to come.

Check out the press realease:

From the treasure of Chess Informant Database we can extract annotated games related to popular opening lines. We do it with the care; we do it from the point of view of tournament players. Grandmasters and international masters on our editorial board select these lines; each of these databases is the one they recommend as personal advisers.

What you are getting is the quintessential material from 1966 to the present day, from Informant No.1 to the newest one. Nothing should distract your attention or make your task any slower with search, filtering, etc., when the big challenge is waiting for you in only a few hours. DiamondBase is here to fulfill your needs when preparing the opening lines you are interested in within the time frame you have to work with.

The benefit is that you don't need to buy complete (and expansive) databases and deal with overwhelming number of games and sidelines. Your opponent is playing the Caro-Kann Fantasy Variation? Use this tool to beat him on his own ground. All players, weather pro or amateur, own the big databases. Does it make you equal? There are millions of games to sort through; the majority of those games were never even seen or checked on a basic level by anyone, not even the publisher!

How can you select the important games? What about quality? What about in-depth annotations from the players themselves?

What about such annotations from the biggest names of modern chess? What about two or three levels of comparing the relevant games?

This is the thin line that makes a difference. DiamondBase PRO!



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