Discovery and Double Check

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Part I:Discovery

Discovery is a way to devastate you opponent's material using a check by moving aside a piece and placing that piece where you can threaten opposing pieces. one of those pieces would be already lost, since your opponent has to do something about the check. Take this for example.
















Black now has a huge advantage against white, since white has lost his queen. Discovery is very useful to eliminate your opponent's threat or advantage. Watch out when your opponent does it though. In this game, my opponent made the mistake of 13.. b6?, taking no notice of the attack on the f7 pawn. The discovery(actually a fork) was forking both the rooks with the knight.


Ben Wang- Nathan Chow 1-0


















Part II: Double Checks

Double checks are when two of your pieces check your opponent in one move. Sort of like discovery, but sometimes no loss of material. That's what I call a non-damage double check. There sometimes can be loss of material, and I call it a damage double check. Here are two examples, one of non-damage, and one that has damage.


















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