Do You Know The World Champions' Games?

Do You Know The World Champions' Games?

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There are many different ways to improve your chess, but few of them can compete with the time-proven method of studying games played by great chess players.  

Indeed, this way you learn all the elements of chess from opening to endgame! And who knows the secrets of chess better than world champions?

I am absolutely sure that all of you have seen the games of the world champions at least at some points in your chess life. But how well did you study those games? Do you remember the key moments of those games? Can you use the ideas that you learned in your own games?


Bobby Fischer via Wikipedia. 

Today you have a chance to test your knowledge of the games played by the world champions. The idea of the test is identical to the one we had about one year ago in this article. Before you take today's test, I would recommend you to check the above-mentioned article in order to better understand how the test works.

If you cannot wait to take today's test, there is the only rule and it is very simple. I'll give you just a very small element of the position and you'll have to guess the game.

Of course I don't expect you to answer something like "Oh, this is simple! It is the game Alekhine vs Kmoch played January 16, 1930 in the seventh round of the tournament in San Remo!"

If you just remember that it is the game played by Alekhine vs. Kmoch, then you have solved the puzzle! Also please remember that even though world champions won many memorable games, they also lost some instructive games too! Therefore, some of the positions are from the games that the world champions lost!

So, are you ready? Let's go!

Position #1

Position #2

Position #3

Position #4

Position #5

Position #6

Position #7

Position # 8

Position #9

Position #10

Now let's see how many games you have managed to identify!





You get a bonus point if you know the following game with the same pattern.  Unfortunately, neither player was a world champion. 







How many games did you guess correctly? Let's check your results:

  • fewer than 3 games -- You need to study more classical games.
  • 3-5 games -- You have been playing chess for a while! Still you have a lot to learn about the classical heritage of chess.
  • 6-8 games -- You know the world champions' games quite well! 
  • 9-10 games -- You are a true connoisseur and chess is your middle name!

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