Euwe Defeats Alekhine

Euwe Defeats Alekhine‎

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Machgielis (Max) Euwe was born May 20, 1901 and died November 26, 1981. He was the fifth world champion in 1935 after beating Alexander Alekhine 15.5-14.5, a score that would have been 16-14 if Euwe had not given Alekhine a draw in the last game which he was winning. This loss was surprising to Alekhine, who must have been too confident at the start of the match. Euwe was a mathematics teacher who had won the world amateur title in 1928. He was still seen as an amateur chess player and professional teacher. From 1970 to 1978, Euwe was president of FIDE. His chess writings appealed to players of all levels.

Alexander Alekhine was born October 31, 1892 in Moscow, Russia and died March 24, 1946 in Estoril, Portugal. He became the fourth world champion after defeating Jose Capablanca 18.5-15.5 in 1927. Alekhine never gave Capablanca a rematch. One of the players he selected as a challenger was Euwe. Euwe did give Alekhine a rematch without seeking any other, possibly weaker, challenger. Alekhine became champion again in 1937 scoring 15.5-9.5. While that score was convincing, the match was closer than that. Euwe just lost points trying to catch up. There was no third match.

Here is game 26 from their first match.

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