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Ready to learn Chess? It's no easy task. In fact, how did you score in your Quantum Physics class? 

We're only joking. Chess may have the reputation as a game for the brilliant only, but this is a common misconception. Chess is not only easy to learn, it's a lot of fun. You might find that with a little practice, you could even become a competitive player. 

Your journey starts right here. Walk through the very basics and the most important concepts of chess with International Master Daniel Rensch

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Everything You Need To Know 1: Start Playing Chess The first video in this series is designed for complete newcomers to the game of chess! Learn how the pieces move, the values of each chessman, the goal of the game, and even enjoy a brief history lesson — all in roughly 20 minutes! Your journey towards mastering the game of kings starts right here!

Everything You Need To Know 2: The Opening! If you only had one chess lesson in your life, this would be it! The chess world is about to lose thousands of punching-bag-level chess players, because after watching these videos, everyone will be taking their game to the next level! First up is the opening stage. Follow the principles and achieve success in your games. Enjoy!

Everything You Need To Know 3: Tactics & Strategy! Rensch brings you on a fast paced ride through the fundamentals of tactics and strategy today. Buckle up and pay attention (or just watch it twice) to fully grasp all the basic tactical patterns, checkmate themes, and critical strategic concepts in this lecture. 

Everything You Need To Know 4: The Endgame! Understand the power and important role your king plays in the endgame. Recognize and execute the power of your passed pawns, and understand that in all "roughly equal" endgames, those two factors will often dictate your results. Oh, and push, push, push your passed pawns! 

Everything You Need To Know 5: Bring It Together! Unfortunately, the most important chess lesson of your life comes to an end here, but we hope you enjoyed the ride! Rensch guides us through the "final frontier" with this review of two amazing games. First up, the most famous game in chess history, is shown through the lens of the concepts you have just learned. Finally, the third world champion executes flawless endgame technique to take us home!

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