Game Analysis By Sam Shankland

Game Analysis By Sam Shankland

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In this series, GM Sam Shankland provides in-depth analysis on a series of games played between world-class competitors. There's much to learn from this series. See how grandmasters prepare against an opponent who's caught fire, rebound after a crucial mistake, and capture momentum.

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Game Analysis: Karpov v. Kasparov, Rapid (1) Shankland wants to start bringing us game analyses of high-level games. He starts out at the highest level with a rematch between two world champions. This is the first game from the recent Kasparov vs Karpov clash, and it features a very dynamic Gruenfeld Defense with intense complications.

Game Analysis: Short v. Efimenko Match (1) Shankland dissects a recent game featuring Nigel Short versus Zahar Efimenko. Interesting ideas by Short with the white pieces keep his options open in the beginning of a Sicilian with 4.Nge2. Shankland's observations are on point in this dynamic game that will interest players of all skill levels.

Game Analysis: Kramnik v. Svidler Tal Memorial Shankland analyzes what he considers Kramnik's most impressive game from his recent tournament victory at the Tal Memorial. It's a game where controlled positional play meets attack, and after a pawn sacrifice to exchange queens, we see a display of Kramnik's classy technique.

Game Analysis: Ponomariov v. Gelfand Shankland examines one more game from Gelfand's run to the 2009 World Cup title. In chess, just as important as defeating your opponents when you have a chance, is defending resolutely when you have a bad position. Gelfand managed to go through about 30 games at this tournament with only one loss; here you'll see how.

Game Analysis: GM Nepomniachtchi v. GM Jobava Shankland returns for more analysis of top-level grandmaster play. Today's subject: The streaking Georgian, GM Baadur Jobava! Recently, Jobava has been on an absolute tear, but he finally met his match against GM Ian Nepomniachtchi in the last round of the European Championship.

Game Analysis: vs. GM Jaan Ehlvest Back for more game review, Shankland is here to offer our members lessons from his own personal experience. In this case however, it seems we will all be learning at the expense of GM Jaan Ehlvest! Sam reviews a great game against the former world number three in the Leningrad Dutch. He offers some great analysis on both the positional and tactical nature of these structures. Enjoy! 

Game Analysis: Khachiyan v. Shankland, US Champs GM Melik Khachiyan reviews his game with fellow video author, Shankland, from the US Championships in May. This highly instructive video reveals Melik's inner thought process during the game, as well as his practical wits after failing to see Sam's game-changing shot: Bg4! 

Game Analysis; Ehlvest v. Shankland, Chicago Open In part one of this "game in review" video, Shankland analyzes, in great detail, his critical penultimate round game against Ehlvest from the Chicago Open a couple months ago. As the game developed, Sam was feeling confident about his maneuverings and accumulation of the slight bishop-pair advantage; however, when Sam miscalculates at the critical moment, it seems that the former world number-three is about to bring down the axe.

Game Analysis; Ehlvest v. Shankland, Chicago Open Part 2 At halftime, Sam was in big trouble. Down two touchdowns, and reeling with an injury to his star player... or something like that! Did IM Shanky keep a cool head under pressure? Was he able to stave off Ehlvest's multiple "knock-out" threats? Or are we about to witness the "second half" of a sure blowout victory from by the former Super-Gm? Watch and find out...

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