Games That Changed Chess History

Games That Changed Chess History

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What are the games that every chess fan needs to know? IM Anna Rudolf is here to show you the most important games ever played.

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The First Modern Chess Game Ever Recorded The first-ever recorded game of chess under the modern rules.

The Romantic Era Who was the first person to be called a professional chess player? IM Anna Rudolf has your answer as she looks back at some of the earliest attacking themes in the romantic era of chess.

Philidor's Pawn Revolution Before the great Philidor came along with his pronouncement that "pawns are the soul of chess," positional play was rare. Now we know that much of chess strategy derives from Philidor's pawns, and here is a game that changed the course of chess history.
The Shock Of Positional Chess Wilhelm Steinitz started out as a romantic attacking chess player like many of his peers, but he really transcended his era by transitioning into a brutally effective positional player. IM Anna Rudolf shows you one of the positional games by Steinitz that truly changed chess forever.

The Biggest Rivalry In Chess IM Anna Rudolf guides you through one of the biggest grudges of yesteryear, the great rivalry between Tarrasch and Nimzowitsch. Learn how the competition between these two men changed chess history forever—and it all started not with an official match, but a casual game.

Botvinnik: Master Of The Soviet Chess School Botvinnik was a strong chess player in his own right, but that wasn't his greatest contribution to the game. Learn how Botvinnik won the world championship to jumpstart the powerful Soviet chess machine, truly changing chess history for millions of players.

Bobby Fischer Makes Chess History If you're talking about chess games that changed history, it doesn't get much bigger than Bobby Fischer's world-championship match against Boris Spassky. The American grandmaster shocked the world with his creative and brilliant chess, and this masterpiece blends the tactical and positional genius that marked Fischer's play.

Karpov vs Kasparov Karpov vs Kasparov was probably the most intense chess rivalry of all time. IM Anna Rudolf continues her series on the most important chess games in history with a look at the battle between these two all-time greats. Learn about the historic game where Kasparov finally won the world title in this educational video.

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