Grandmasters also can make mistakes!

Grandmasters also can make mistakes!

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Some peoples think, grandmasters can't make mistakes. Today I want to say a very important rule: Grandmasters also can make mistakes! Not only 2200-2300 players miss for example a rook. This thing I want to tell in some diagrams.

After this unbelievable mistake, but let's see a more bigger mistake from the Portisch-Spassky match, from 2007 what played on Heviz, on a very nice place in Hungary. The match was ended with 3-3 draw (1-1 wins, 1-1 loses and 4-4 draws).

Yes, again, the reader take the question for yourself: How can a Grandmaster like Spassky miss a piece? Okay, on this match he is 70+ years old, but on the next game, a not old player miss a rook...

On 2014 Candidates chess tournament also maked another very big mistake. Pjotr Svidler (who won the game against Vladimir Kramnik, with a small combination) missed a pawn against Shakryar Mamedyarov in one move, and he losed the game easy.
As we can see, Svidler ovelooked his pawn. Okay, that was a mistake, but what was the right move? The computer (Stokfish 140127CB 642 SSE4,2) see only one (!) good variation: Qd7 with draw (by repetion).
After this not nice mistake we can see a mistake, from an Anand-Kasparov game,where Kasparov missed a nice move, and then lose the game.
That was a mistake, and a great move either. Anand founded the very nice Qxg4 move (in 34.move) and then won the game easy. In the next position, I show a mistake, from the great Jose Raul Capablanca.
That was my todays article from grandmasters mistakes. Next time I show the great moves from grandmasters, with many combinations, diagrams and nice positional moves, if I write from grandmasters.
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