How To Become A Coach On

How To Become A Coach On

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How Do I Become A Coach On

First, coaches must have a verified account/identity with There are two ways to verify your identity:

  • Become a premium member. (Upgrading your membership and putting your real name and credit card information on file is the most secure, lasting way to verify your account.)
  • If you're a titled player, go through our normal titled player verification process.

Next, coaches must have an established rating from FIDE or a nationally recognized chess federation (all ratings will be verified by 

Further requirements:

  • All coaches must have a clear, legible "About Me" section on their profile page. This should include things such as your experience coaching and your accomplishments and/or testimonials from your current or former students. 
  • All coaches must use a relevant, friendly avatar. We suggest an avatar be a picture of you or a company logo. No titled player or celebrity impersonating avatars will be considered for coaching spots. 
  • All coaches must have a record of being upstanding and helpful members of our community. 

Do you still have more questions? Check out our FAQ, click here.

I've Done This. What's Next?

Fill out the official application form.

Once staff has verified your fulfillment of all requirements above, you will get approved, and automatically be listed at At this time, you'll also receive a congratulatory message on for confirmation. coach application form

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the relationship between coaches and

Coaches on are independent users who have chosen to offer their chess knowledge to others. They are not employees, agents, or representatives of or its affiliates. Their services, interactions, and any relationship with students are conducted independently of our platform.

Can help me get more students?

We sure can! Check out this article for advice on how a coach can and should promote themselves to our community. If you're active, you'll get noticed and the students will come calling!

Can I conduct my lessons right here on

Yes. You can use our Classroom feature, the perfect tool for your online lessons!

Does provide video/voice integration with Classroom?

Yes, we do! Classroom gives you the option of turning voice and video on. You can also ask your students to turn on their voice and video so you don't need to use any additional external software during your lessons.

Can anyone become a coach listed at

No, not just anyone becomes an approved coach on Previously, the coaching section was available to anyone who wanted to be listed. However, in order to truly highlight the best coaches on our site and make it easier for our members to find the right coach, we've become much more selective in who we list. This protects both you (the coach) and your potential students. 

Can be held responsible for the actions of a coach?

No. Since coaches operate independently and are not under our direct supervision, cannot guarantee the quality, safety, or legality of the coaching services offered. We are not involved in the relationship between coaches and students, and thus, we cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise from these interactions.

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