How To Play Chess
Starting out? Learn to play a game of chess right here!

How To Play Chess

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You know how the pieces move. Now it's time to learn everything else! Follow along and learn how to win chess games!

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The Language of Chess: This video demonstrates chess notation. Notation is how we write and discuss the game of chess.

Moving and Capturing: See how chess pieces capture. Most pieces move and capture the same way, but pawns have special capturing rules.

Check: This video explains the concept of check and what happens when a king is in danger! 

Getting Out Of Check: This video shows how to get out of check. If your king is in danger, you can move, block, or capture your way to safety.

Checkmate: If someone is in check and there is no way out, then the position is a checkmate! That means that the player who made the checkmate has won the game!

Fastest Checkmate: This video shows the fastest possible way to win a game of chess. Learn how an exposed king can make for a very fast chess game!

Stalemate: When there are no legal moves, but there's no checkmate, then the game is a stalemate. Stalemate results in a draw and is often a big relief for a player who is behind in the game.

Other Draws: Stalemate isn't the only type of draw in chess. Learn about insufficient mating material, threefold repetition, and other ways that a game might end without a checkmate.

Castling:  Because the king is the most important piece, you are allowed to do a special move called castling to keep it safe. Learn how to secure your king in this video.

En Passant: Hundreds of years ago, pawns used to only be allowed to move one square at a time. When they started moving two squares, they invented a new rule to make it difficult for one to move past another. Find out about this special type of capture in this video.

Finding The Right Move:  Once you know the rules, this video can help you figure out what moves to consider playing each turn.

Playing A Game:  This video shows you a full chess game and demonstrates ideas for both sides and a checkmate.

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